Lr but in welcome to hunny bunny games my name is twisting today we undo playing mu mu dot IO so what the hell is mu mu dot IO it is another io game. Where you are a little villager / farmer / something and you go around the world together, would you Adderstone you get your food you get our gold and the person with the most gold is, the most awesome person as you can see on the leaderboards and Ray is number one right now you get points by building windmills that's gonna. Be our goal you can also get, points gold by you actually just finding it in the walls and mining it so this game is.

Being updated almost daily I played it for the first time a few days ago and right now it's like completed well complete so it's very very, much different already so we're going to reach h2 in a second h2 is there basically levels and gets a, new item stone walls or cookies day I will upgrade these things I kind of think the cookie because people tend to attack. Me because I am often a lone wolf and that's not good so the newest feature the added is the tribe mechanic so it's good over here because this button, here there's a bunch of tribes you can make our own traffic we want to we. Can try getting another tribe charts, i took join a tribe so if we will go over here this guy is in his tribe these guys they are in kings, and that's a big-ass tribe holy crap alright he he is not happy sorry I and Ray I never number 1 i'll be with you can I join the Kings, want to be part of the Kings please let me join the Kings i sent him a request they don't seem, to like me to have an access it yet alright so maybe, we will not be joining the king that is perfectly perfectly fine i play this like an hour ago and i was number one of the, liberal into the board it was really. A great feeling i how to say and I teamed up with a bunch of people so it may be a little bit easier so these guys love is not accept us which sucks okay, so now we're going to have to go and find some stones no no all like I. Am sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry okay I'm not. Gonna I tune your turf stay away can I get some berries and gonna make those bears into raspberry cookies Oh I'm going to die that's what you get for messing with me. My friend revenge Oh get away Oh son yes Gold oh my, lord is gold point if you want to probably make our base here if we can get, some more so I'm going to get to level three in a second there you go we have new items we have great, axe and we have a short sword I mean retail gathering is good but i wanna now looking for the short sword i'm now going to be the same gathering. That will, be more efficient income else let's make a cookie i need it alrighty there you go that guy is really close to sweet could join you can do it up man, well join me hold on let's make a group called a 3g create and let's see if he actually joins us hey join. Me join me you should join my tribe i joined my tribe, man you should join my tribe because we can cooperate it doesn't care god damn it alright we could get some people people might actually. Join us anyone could go on a tribe so i'm gonna be a problem, at all we just gotta find someone who is willing hello sir do you want to join my tribe. Want to join my tribe Zhan my tribe join my tribe now fine almost is on my travel what I like having a head like a big group last time it.

Was so fun we concrete everything is amazing I guess they don't wanna have all right. So I don't think we have any, more obvious to get right now again this game is still being developed it's not Oh potato want to join the air potato it was not potato no that's that's just a random dude k potato joint a, potato I know where you are the guy is annoying I want to get out of way from him we, are its, potato he is in our tribe now these are friend and he's no longer in the trunk laughs all right god damn it okay i, do want to set up my windows that's the windmill or greater spark i never think this faster when milk cuz honestly yeah you only have five, so the amount of you can only have five windmills so having the measured points faster. It gonna be really useful i think i try it out alright let's see if we can find potential friends TT you.

Want to join me gonna join my tribe now that doesn't bite me don't fight me, you asshole just on my tribe you're my tribe let's cooperate no I don't want to fight you no no no I. Want to find one be a friend TT no god damn you don't. Listen oh he's got home with us Oh God Andre Andre he's he's a badass he's a bad for the server so we don't want to mess with him at, all okay this guy is Eric you will hopefully not kill us in our face amazing I you should. Join my group who's on my tribe no I'm not to join my tribe I have any friends right now may I could I could. Try building up my own base finally I'd like this location or these guys they didn't even, have a crew they're just random people building stuff interesting, why do not oh oh lord there's a lot of guys over there amazing can I join that hold on we try because you're an amazing let me join please yes I am amazing, oh yeah okay is the four of us we are a team now we can do stuff together we can. We're going to conquer everything gonna be so good. It's gonna be so Gucci all right let's discuss your build up some stuff yeah he'll help sug build up the walls this guy is annoying get him away go away. Sonic good oh good there's a little bit of input lag, right now using there's too many of bling on the servers for the servers to, handle it all right talk more wood more food I think it may be time to actually lay down the pain lay down some of these bad boys you should have enough now guys are getting points, I just are getting a, lot of points now they actually generates quite a bit so I'm guessing it's 1.5 per second cuz no one is one. Per second per window I'm getting more now using its 1.5 I looked chuckling some more will overhear see. Work is fun man and like that i like'em people seem up with that actually, talking at all I like games like that I enjoy them all right unfortunately I took the sword upgrade not the better ham robberies so now I am gathering stuff quite. Slowly which is that awesome that's not what I was focused one um. Makes you not happy about that I kind of regret my choice i wish i could retake it and i'm fortunate looking soon. As possible in time soon all right 56 would these things are expensive but they will give us points actually save up some will just keep keep chopping because you know Emma can. Actually break our self down if they want to anyone.

Or our friends they can break a now occupy now is this because there is treachery some sometimes pull him up in this sabotage the, theme from oh gods dangerous then says that without them from within which we want to be careful about there goes our.

Me to get 180 of these oh no go away go away away I'll sort and help my, mr. detonator note go away no I'm not gonna follow, your bait I'm not going to fall for that that's the oldest trick in the book and I've read the book I know what it says so I don't mess with me man I think.

That's a long time to get any reasonable amount of points. How much fun is this it's only 20 stone uh. We hundred stone to just plant a mind how do we do want to get that actually I always want to get this like get it over here that's how we get more stone let's. Just line it out it's an investment see should get a much more stuff from here, amazing don't touch my windmills bra good 45 stone. Enough for two more windmills I could hide them around i guess but i don't see the point so I'm gonna sleep. Over here i bought in scanner should be really quick now i'm going like six per second which, is awesome AI am guessing it's 1.5 or when you'll now with the everyone if you get the first one and our points are gonna just keep growing honestly I'm going to be unstoppable, basically this is 16 food so we do want to have a little bit.

More so we can make more than just two in at least five more food would be a good number i feel it'll, get some more stone first now can build our last windmill there you go pop up I alright. So now we just focus on defending our base from enemies your wall enough don't break my soft bra I'm looking at you I'm, looking play nice because oh it's okay I should probably focus on the woods a, bit more actually look at some food I points are not going super quickly like that a lot we will get to the leaderboard and. Bench medic a bit but we will get there okay 60 food is enough for now let's. Go to have someone would I don't think the resources ever expired so we kind of. Safe with that we're going to keep chopping and they then just expand the walls all the Gotham spikes is just, in case someone taxes by the way we can take damage on our allies spikes so careful about that example if you like walk into this thing that some of. Our one of, our allies place we don't take damage excuse me all right this is me wrong did I change that maybe is it possible I'm not taking damage give me maybe last time someone from outside shy place but, maybe someone place and then left to try that's also possible, I don't know cause it definitely did take damage last time I played kadir they're attacking their kind of clothes I don't like that and my things, are still here okay i wanna like expand our, base of its more honestly make it like nice to the longest base there you go that's a bit better you're. Going to place your stuff all the way there for some reason okay if you so choose I mean I got a. Complaint I don't know why you wouldn't place it into safety of our home but it will have to betray our allies eventually also will be on the, leaderboard in a second man I think because he has the lowest person has 1.7 k later bored sometimes jumps. Around for no reason I don't quite understand how it works but it's each has its own reasons and means of. Operation I don't know it just takes too long there is eight points.

Per second which always nice one point HK there's a lot of guys in our crew. Now I like that we are a badass theme gang if you are worth. Enemies talk to watch top of the tree here it's like it none of the damage in this because, i always go ahead stone walls or are those mines hold on i can tell that doesn't mind yeah he plays a bunch of mind that it's awesome combine multiple mines at the same time, which is quite nice than an extra points can i go in here please there, we go i'm getting to storm for hit now which is awesome good probably like Iranians we have 13. And two stones at the same points it's an actual going to tell myself quite quickly, hello i don't really need stones so maybe i should focus on something else also this guy like needs to go he used to close and even squeeze past this, point somehow oh he's gone ready okay at two trees double treat noise pro strats and read, here we're a number eight oh my lord you lord i love that i, think it's a bit too bit number seven though it has heat using quite a lead today video eyes didn't you gotta lose all the points we have means we win and. Also could play this game like if i try hard enough problems of plate internatl especially, if we teamed up with like a bunch of our viewers. With a lot easier just steamed up no betrayals just bump everything up to get the highest points imaginable Tom would I missed concern, all of these is to have all the fast women that's awesome those guys counter close he's really fast so it'll get back we are a bit slower, than usual I think just keep in.

Mind alrighty why do only I have limos here I'm going to stand why is no one else investing in limos if you guys are fighting I'm gonna. Stay here in a sec okay that's too bad I must, have let them come in you're replacing one looks good if they're definitely thinking of invading our base of things because they've been hanging around for quite a bit more stone but I was, really needed exhale much of the spikes there's, 20 wooded five stone I can build that I'm sitting 200 would I can, build all of a knife I want to let me show my thing it is not good also I don't know which, one is mine so I think mines are the faster ones like these five are mine see how they're pretty damn fast we were jumping in in points out in. A way like people are disappearing and appearing all of a sudden like spline it is a dream for a sec I don't know why, it always happens I'll be just the bugless to the game if someone lost their windmill there. I don't know why chuckling on the trees get this job, down hey that guy is very suspicious mr. Potato Head he's trying to get my windmill now he's not he's Justin everything's, all right never get both of these trees we can if you like aim. Is correctly like that noise there we go double points galore man we're so far away from things Allah it's got to take a 50 years also TP is below us if we try to elevate. Him but he refused so it's his own goddamn fault no coward where was the gold mine we had a, gold mine somewhere I think remember seeing it like down to the south here magic everyone to get lost I, don't want to go, too far away from the main path I don't see anything let's go so mmm who's that one of the Kings all right let's go back now I get lost all our wheel moves are still here, so. Hello what are you doing hello I don't like it here Taylor from our base okay oh there's a gold awesome but here I help you out with that I need the gold man not helped me out how long. Do we get weird like one per hit which is not very good so I if, I took the other skill may have nice can, use common as much as I think that's a mistake I usually think the other skill but I wanted to buy sit up a little bit I sitting next.

To pay off who have all doing those numbers number seven number 82 reaction. Number eight because the guys missing from the leaderboard leaderboards or some, reason okay don't kill me it was get him get him get him get him get him get him get him get him get up again we gotta get, him we got we got him you got him you got him got him. Going wherever you okay leave Danger Danger Danger you get points from killing people so we also want to that if. You can eat cookies somebody told me by the guys so fast you know let's blaze a little blips or his fake blitz I have no idea I don't. He's also recording this well I don't kill him just just for kicks to define him even if it's, a fake one because we gotta be funny it. Would be kind of a jerk move I guess I know it's a morgue older II know it's so slow. Though you have two older windows we have all the window film I mean this is where the game kind of like needs more calm as you can see we haven't gotten then. You upgrade the cages and they just get it because every agent supposed to have its own upgrade or item or, ability or something right now they are not just implemented, so it doesn't really happen at all you know so there's no real way to. Advance or character what you think is fine I mean yeah you grab the obvious elegant yeah but you gotta invest in your character other. Than just getting levels which doesn't actually work because there's limited amount of stuff you can. Get right now it's not on windows over here I do like that these things don't hurt me I have let's get some more food think someone just died has we lost a bunch, of stuff in our base do you live in holland what we like 5 point something k gold am I wrong I don't think I'm. Wrong I thought you were, like I guess you are 4.5 my bad my mistake I don't know how can lose the gold honestly I. Think it's just like a resource that keeps going up and up and up let's go back to the gold mine. If you can find a nice little target to kill there we go Oh ronik, run ronic o'shea it get him no I'm gonna get you I'm gonna get you i'm gonna get so i'm gonna get Sun gun I getting on getting, into the landis make you feel safe Oh got him yes sucker ah yeah just monetary I don't care ah ha ha ha ha I'm so mean. I'm sorry Raonic that's one necessarily mean but I guess I did it anyways because well not k age 13. Mana that's why I feel like Briggs open got. A little hate that right okay yeah I don't like you very much Oh unknown double unknowns interesting get the unknown unanimous mind if he'll sleep feel. Safe you're not sleep at all oh yes you, got him all right awesome I didn't get XP for that's right I mean gold I think we do we have, still all the windows we do have all the windows too awesome most other guy Samuel sorry if it.

Did oh well a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do you guys in a bad town I got him older women so it's just like a counterblow thing.

How many have placed another mr. unknown let's see where. Is he you know I'm just gonna go chop the tree I'm your friend don't worry about it it's a nice target and mine it's a bit slow sometimes if you're like I feel, like we did most of what we could do in the game honestly we got a bunch of points we, don't have to survive, and we will get to the top of the leaderboard eventually I mean unless should I turn on the Google we're getting points that the reasonable rate 10 people quite well we read about surviving, our tribe may collapse one point I think we're going to be just fine we're going for, a betrayal not to be a dick move okay let's see oh that's good let's thank but writing at stake but I'm going to ask. Him if that's. Actually really him or someone of his reviewers it could be anything some more stuff I mean we haven't actually used. Spikes at all so we might as well go place there was somewhere because our base isn't that good it's a very it's not a very good village I, think so poorly may not have to say this thing is like completely like opens let's get some bike bros. In here to block it off let's get some spike browsing hear someone actually started doing this already like dad that's kind. Of keep people coming in it still like. Go through able it's not also kind of place too soon here I cannot seem to place it doesn't fit at all I could squeeze it in like that unlike that all that's very poor on my part. Oh there's. There to do this dude there's a dude get this in the middle of nowhere where did you go GD 0 on the king they died on my spike I will help you he's with the, Kings all right he may be all. Number two excuse me oh my god how did that happen is everyone else's died oh god their dish after me Oh should. I close my bath n let you back in guys no let me back in I can't come, back in now no oh now whatever I'm we're safe who plays that day that's like an awful awful placement I, think they're still doing great stone why get more Sun stones I needed for spikes right. 20 stone oh no its funding would five stone so I make you stay here unless it meets don't as much i could use make some, mines with that I guess honestly I don't see where I was water let's go we number one we are number one do to do to. Do to do to do to do, to that's such an observation of your number one I made hello you're amazing you are doing a great job with the wall here like it quite a bit W in the fourth wall oh this is, a gig man they're getting that elk is that all right eat some cookies before we die again we say we're still number. One we are actually number one by quite a large margin they may try betraying us now because the. Killing us extra will give. Us you them a ton of points I hope that doesn't really happen but yeah I think I gotta just in the videos here while we are ahead if you guys enjoyed please between like. Leave a comment it's also the brigadeiro more, than you can even imagine but yea once again taking I three much watching my name's been twisted. Some rebel games that will see you next time .