Oh dead if you know what I am a Dutch player this makes me proud to see all these beautiful windows all we need is some too late so we're going to have the Netherlands, in a freaking genius you know I visit for a today's final welcome to mu mu dot IO. Know it's been a very long time since we place. A dot IO game but I think this is one of the cooler ones okay so this is us we are excited other guy we've got like a little X. Of some sort or maybe it's just a stone attached to a handle anyways we can chop, things with it and we can hit things with it we can even kill other people with this thing and then freaking cool now if you look in the bottom right, corner it says food water soon a look at this I can hit this, I guess it's a tree and didn't really know what what does look like a green star to me but it's a tree, all right then if we hit it we actually get some I wait. Hold on hold on hold on what is it genuine is he gonna kill me oh wait now we really need to run. Get away from me you bastard okay we need some more help so now we need to chop this bush. Here and that's like it oh boy oh boy that's not a guy here I'm going to change well of guys here but if we, hit this thing we can grab some food and then if, we press number one or click here it's an apple resource 20. Health when consumed the net cost 20 no extent of the foods we can do that twice there we go fantastic so we do need to chop this a little bit more, so we can actually go ahead he'll. Back up and get us some more resources because you can actually create an entire village of your own and that is frickin amazing now, if you also look in the bottom it says each look at this level two so now we have lets you edit it a cookie and a stone wall or let's, plays on its doing walking we did. It and I think so right and everything we can do the whole yet because it stops chopping your message because we need some more stone for the, wall now what's this over here the Goma thing not getting any resource from this oh wait I'm going to go. From it it's always good to have a little trick a change in your pocket right let's. Go ahead and eat up to full health care and then we're gonna grab one more little no wait we. Didn't just save the food here you just say the food I do need some stone I think where you. Can go over here and there grab some stone here let's make it two of the things at the same, time pretty cool but I don't think we can do it a little, hammer is not big enough alright looks like we've got 30 so let's see we can place one down okay oh oh this, is nice so now we can I place it over here like this Oh been there and now we, have like a little wall here and don't know if our enemies can actually kill that but oh you can just squeeze. On through here like literally squeeze do it like to play fantastic now let's go in and see we. Can find some more resources okay because their stuff like this if it's like right next to each other look at this now i'm, hitting true at the same time we're getting so much wood so much experience and this is how we're going to build our village okay and we're also going to, kill a bunch of people because apparently that's, how you level up the best when is this year short sword increased attack power but slows a gathering speed and then we've also got great x which gathers resource, at a higher rate but decrease let's go with a speed okay i want to whack some people with. My little sore there oh there's going to be so great this guy's he doesn't even see us coming tell anybody competitive what oh,, i see a nullus orient right over here then for ik this guy doesn't suspect this okay come on tell. Anybody come in I'm gonna kill you I want to see how much experience and get from actually killing a guy damn it stop swing your little exting and come closer okay or faster than it yet I'm. Presidente that's right he's walking backwards care buddy yes that's right let's step the jail come on, come on oh my God he's. Gonna get shuffled by the other guys need to get the hell out of here oh man I need some food access way too much would I don't need any more would but I'm gonna act, if I can get food and we're at the same time that is fantastic now if any of us played. Runescape this is kind of like wood cutting because you can also get food for Madrid fantastic we've got quite a bit of. Food, let's kind of beat someone in two and two coming towards us the kind of things like oh this person a is for a guy you've got no help maybe I can't kill him, a little bit but that's not gonna happen because we've got a little secret stash. Of apples here let's see or what is this guy doing he's actually building an Italian village it can we kill yet anybody tell you oh, my god what oh we're just killed an entire village oh no I'm. Sorry for this guy man i'm seriously sorry own are we going to chop this Gaia Gaia buddy come in oh wait a minute wait a minute, wait a minute but he's Emily get the hell out of here go away from me buddy don't. Wait always does you want to find you want to find me oh you picked the wrong target. Boy you break though yes that's right when we got so much wood now 142 okay all I. Gonna do let's grab a little bit of food here I need to heal back up okay very important to always stay nice, and hydrated nice and full of food but now we are almost at level for that week oh now we can actually go for the alleged, what. Is it we've got a greater spice with damages enemies when they touch it or we've got the best or windmill let's go for the greatest fights okay I want a nice and a spiky environment so that nobody, not even this guy can, be coming even remotely close to my base now I did see a guy the grind of kids it's a pretty nice area to chop some wood but I can way too much. Wood so what do. We need for this we need 30 would evolve got plenty of that instead of the stone I've got no stone at all oh my god how are we ever going to build a little like village thingy. Or you've got no word out did guy. I mean nowhere no stone so we're going to grab some so here okay real quick we are actually on the leaderboard right now we've got 200 gold and it's actually. Buying gold I guess so I think gold is pretty important event that game it's up it's gotta with 6,000, we're gonna wreck that guy okay we're gonna wreck him oh whoa whoa whoa buddy buddy, you're getting a little bit too close for company okay wait a. Minute there's a double chaparrita here that's what I like too much we should both them I, think so right oh this is perfect I do not want to move my mouse here I want to say nice and put we're going to grab all, of these real quick look at this oh we are going to, build the most freaking amazing village ever let's hit level 5 berth we got nothing because nothing for them are. You serious I really thought we were going to get something really cool but how many stones do we need only 10 so i think. We probably need a little bit more whittier oh boy what is this for, a finish though you've got a pretty big vintage of a bunny step it down to death now I guys jumping, on I should need a little bit of food here gonna grab summer oh my gosh what is going on here these people are all. Working together oh my god o de jazz really egg oh wait. No and it can elevate that's a guy with the 6,000 points oh boy is he gonna kill me please don't kill me. Buddy go away go away I need to go up or this really bad it's really bad oh boy. Go away why is he chasing me for so long what a best at all finally Jesus I'm, starting to get a little bit 20 years that's fine I can just in my little apple here I'm going to make my bit because their base. Is like right over there I'm going to make my base like a, little bit over here okay like all the way in the corner it says it's a no idea i mean we could be cornered that would be bad but if I can use the, corner to like have my little base set up like that I, think we're going to be very good at but maybe we should also go ahead and kill it dude here because he probably has, oh my gosh this guy is got the most giant dorm it's been campaigns going on here can I join you hello PFLAG don't like maybe join hello can we, like maybe you look for a year so that team is called reflex, I think we go ahead and maybe join them I I know think. So how do I move here oh my gosh where is it / I think it's people like how do i join that little Glen you. Know what I don't need nobody I can just do this by myself can I can I. Do it triple shop here that would be great come on you made a. Triple job can maybe not maybe this is just fine okay we grab a little bit more wood just so i can place then of those things no ways we also need a little bit for you, in well i think so this the plan okay we're going. To grab the windmill and we're going to put the, spiky surrounded and have enough food to last us for a while that's going to be great but let's first hit level, 6 here can we do that okay we still got nothing but it's alright i guess for a little bit more powerful, here we're going to go over to the other corner because well apparently this top right corner it's also infested with a bunch of people I need to find my, own little place here okay now where can I oh. That's another guy here didn't I kill that guy before I don't know but maybe we shoot it go ahead and see where that's nice a little bit of resources and then we can build. Like our base around it yeah I like this I like this we've got like a little Bush. Over here for the Almighty God you really that's another guy here but, he's not on the leaderboard I'm thinking that I could kill this guy right the Rope called broke and I may be joined a, pro I thought I foot like this right over here join can I did. I join them oh I think I joined them boys join that drive it it's called oh this is so cool hello my friends oh please don't betray me I'm gonna. Be so mad at you with you betray me all right now I think I can hit them, so let's go ahead I, played a little windmill right over here there we go that is fantastic so this generates points over time so. We get a little bit of gold over here fantastic now all you have to do it's placed a little spike no don't play those spikes I've got better spiky see these, are bet Michael Michael stop placing the. Normal spiky thing is Michael is stupid I've got very cool like little spiky things you shouldn't be placing those boring ones i was there ok let's, go in and this and plug this or should we like block the entire thing off that they can't get to our little less because we've. Got like a tree going on over here so. I don't think we need like this tree as well this guy can just die over the I know you care about him but if we block this, first thingy that's going to be great oh this is coming together yet now let's please one more there we go over you Michael Michael what are you. Doing we can't leave the castle, anymore if you do that why are you hitting my little spiky thing II don't need to fight, eating it no no don't do that don't do this this is me saying no no no no no where there's a guy here go away you are, not welcome in our oh actually oh you're welcome you, can join under than a telling me all you are just going to get a dull boy you are, gonna get it now boy okay maybe it's just kind of you know what I'm gonna let him go okay I was in his sleep with oh hello, bear effects what are you doing they are little careful here go away are you hitting on 20 dead if they miss them what, the hell just happened it's okay we are stilling the team we still have our team set on let's run. Back okay I don't want to get seen by anyone with Michael are a good buddy Michael is actually second in the leaderboard that is partially thanks, to us okay partially thanks to us because we are part of the. Bro try below this going to be great where are they do I need to find them, there's a guy named solo here and he's all by himself it then I can understand that okay but I need to find my team here where's my team. I also just realized that it. Is / identify in the boro tribal but there they are hello guys they're still jumping away the utiful now i do wanna, find out this guy it's chopping twice the time can agree to somehow come on if he's doing it. Then I want to do it too there we go this is some power for me so we are back we did lose our little stops though that's. Not a good thing you know what I'm actually going to go for the cookie here because this thing is ridiculously powerful. All right and if I ever get into more trouble I mean just heal up super fast and it's going to, be great let's quickly grab our quick it's so what I'm thinking. Now let's go ahead and grab one of the windmills okay can we do that can I please stop waking, your little sort buddies come on stop it there we go can I place one of these down why not well because i. Have no stone obviously I thought of us why did.

I think that this was a stone that's obviously for food but it's fine we've got two keys to let us through winter pretty much hello Michael our buddy smell all, we have to do its just oh this guy's actually go why, don't you hit me up on your team it's so odd that's awful anyway let's see we can, grab a little bit of so I'm not going to hit you buddy come on we've both, got a little salt wait a minute we need to help my team out here don't worry repeat I'm not addressed in you oh my gosh we are fighting with our teammates you're gonna die, boy come here oh it is so many cookies tell me you are sick my.

Friends us take me okay that's how it's going to go down we are one clan once rise, we will stand united scummy a marker I don't care how long I have to run I'm gonna kill this guy okay so many cookies oh. Oh oh oh if you're gonna get it come on I'm going to do the finishing blow okay the change, gonna run out of food at some point tell me, buddy jump oh oh we're gonna cut him up we're gonna cut them up getting stuck in the tree nope but we've got another game joining us that's right Jess there we go. Oh fantastic now at some point, your guys gonna get coated right at some point this guy's gonna get caught it come on okay it didn't actually expect us to go. Oh oh oh oh oh oh come on come on come on come on come on come on. I can smell him this is how close I am come on join her that we need to go get come on wake him wake him we can or we are so, close I really don't want to die to the guide oh but he, has no food come on we should be able to do it right we should be able to do it whoa okay miss chase has gone, on for. Way too long I did not expect this oh he just got us off wow that guy just got away you know what I'm fine with it he's still gonna chase him. Holy cow all right let's grab the windmill we need a little bit of power. Leveling here okay with chemicals guy you're in the wrong place at the wrong time there we go and kill.

Another guy Pablo combo 1 2 & 3 67 that makes no sense why don't you just go 1 2 3 4 5 like everybody else may waited special snowflakes we.

Need to find our base actually, upgraded defects or windmill so we're going to grab a lot of points from that but of course first I need to, build it i can fill two of them now i don't know is this like I are you were going to set my buddy over. Here that's my teammate okay get the hell away from us let's go back up here because I'm assuming that which, I mean the solo guys still here don't I would see what is this, look at all these things holy cow this guy is actually threw it on the leaderboard I, need to get the hell away from this guy he's going to destroy me right and watch out now wait a minute we can also kind of a second right and okay we like click cooks. Get bang oh my gosh you immediately. A sec bank okay we kill yeah I don't want to expect to say anymore let's, just get back to our base okay should be right over here somewhere in the like top left corner right hello where's our bases let's see oh oh my gosh michael this is beautiful, let me go this it's just a new friend i think so right let's go. In and place via oh my gosh what is this holy cow i thought, i was gonna contribute a lot with my one way love no way I can make Ashley too I can make two right.

Come on I thought I was gonna do like a lot of work, here but these guys got five of those down already holy cow when they put a stone down here, oh my gosh now we can do all three of them at the same time wait a minute if you're gonna take our friends oh you came to the wrong frickin arena boy. Come in come here no one's gonna affect my buddy Michael without paying for it maybe except that guy do it oh we, are honestly creating the biggest freaking arena this game has ever seen oh this going to be so great but the guy is big, are, you serious how does he they're coming back to our bit oh my gosh does love loose here oh boy maybe this King I can die come on get him one, more hit come on King you came to that absolutely wrong arena come here I mean why. Do i say arena I mean village it's not a beautiful little village bang oh my gosh i thought i was gonna execute. This guy you know what he can he can run he can run maybe one day he's gonna grow up to, be that king of some army the bad, guys so they are you serious how in the world this guy really needs to screw the hell away from us okay all right let's just say enter our Little, Kingdom here because it's a still room for a James if I Hawaii submitting away like this but they were you going, to jump a little bit much stuff here so, we can go ahead and grab what we have Beckham leader boys then it's fantastic so we do need to have a little bit if you still could Jesus I can't do anything with this we. Can bear guy here tell anybody oh you're. Gonna die this time come on one more yes it see that's what I'm talking about that better it's. Finally gone and we can also place one more window I think right once we like place it only in the corner here so now we're going to do it Oh. Dead if you know what I am a Dutch player this. Makes me proud you see all these beautiful windows all we need is some too late. So we are going to have the Netherlands in a freaking game here this is so nice though we can literally. Chop all three of the things at the same time while being fully protected in our own little village I mean it really does, get any better than this guy's we are going to absolutely submit out this village you guys may not know this, but I like deep thought I yo I like the other I okays but I like this one the most, of them all all right oh boy here we go we're going to be level 8 or 88 this is fantastic now we can go. Ahead and actually place a few more of these guys and then we can maybe kill a few Morgan. If I stop hitting your thingy and I think we're just going. To expand this like so right that I was supposed to do this I think so but my void is going down very fast I need to, find somewhere would somewhere this guy is to what. You just run into us by oh this guy's stupid but I understand what Michael is trying to do. Here okay I was doing it completely wrong this is an entrance and this is just a wall so they can't go through here because then I got a diamond spiky it is just perfect you know what. Michael this is why I fight for you you're my best friend in a wait a minute this, guy is lurking around our village, again and if that's something i don't like it's a frickin lurker yeah that's right lurker go away now can we go ahead and maybe find food stone somewhere that would be really nice unless we can, just oh just make another mind like this what are you guys doing seriously you're all, messing it all up come on, out so we can actually go ahead now and place another stone here right come on I want to fit another stone unit oh. That is oh yes that's what I'm talking about now carries mine all three of these at the same time I don't think so i think it screwed up I think I screwed up.

Really bad here. I'll going oh wait a minute Michael is in a battle again we need to assist him me to assist is gay stop jumping and get the hell out of. This pimp what's through there what is this jay doing here boss ah Steve just gay any good i don't know i, don't know if the guys any good he said fred but he's got a second one why do, you guys have a friend we're gonna head take everyone that makes no sense buddy let's go back because i think we can make one more window, right no wait till, windmills oh this is going to be great look at our windmill park we're going for green energy guys this is some real nature why can I build grab oh, that's because I was looking at the wrong thing oh boy we need to find two three somewhere, maybe it was three so I can like really power to chop a clue trees here where we kill this guy that would also, be pretty good although I don't think that's good Anthony I think we've got the two trees. Here just what I was looking for oh this is cool come on we hit both of, them yes beautiful now we're going to have enough wood to. Make all the gold in the world I mean look at this we already fought on the little leaderboard thing you that transcended, but I want to see my name right and back there okay it's the number one spot I'm gonna.

Hit level 10 here i'm gonna grab something I no no but it is level 10 so i guess said it's something alright alright let's go for 180, woodridge is just a little bit more come on and bang there we go 180 kind of like we're playing just now i can please, three of these done Odette is going to be, quite amazing work and a half what is going on here guys who grow down a little oh. My gosh what is the it's that guy between us Oh nobody's trying because these five are mine okay I believe mine are nice and protected so it's cool it's cool go ahead and s place a. Few more done or we are gonna gain so frickin hard here now I, can also make another one hello or you can only have five of them oh my gosh gates fine we can use, our other resources to make. A little bit more of a year spike you all I think right because if we have two layers of. Wool that's going to defend our little thing you said all Abed all right let's also make this entrance a little bit more as spiky biking you down we go bye beautiful now all we got to do is. Why are you chopping away at us I don't get it do, we have another bit traitor I don't want to see anymore what is this guy doing you sneak a little bit come at your. Best that's right die I don't want to see another betrayer near my. Little village here okay I what is this guy's what is this why you're all suck okay unknown and yes no health bar how do you not have. A health bar so yeah heck or something that is very windows don't go away from my little doughy these are, my windmills okay as, the dutch guy i am very proud of my window I don't want anyone messing with them I'm keeping my eye on you, you know that buddy I'm keeping my eye on you so I do want to kind of find one of the golden like these and because. You can't build them in your base on a think the only way to get. Gold right now so I believe kill people and have a window up but I want to find one of, those golden rocks that we found in the beginning so they can chop that then it's. Oh they've got a goal the thing you right over here in their own little piece holy crap and oh my gosh come so much leg going on right now not a good thing but can I. Just hello guys don't eat me. Okay just when it's just a little bit on your old boy oh they're not help you with me I need to get hell out of here I mean. I can skill this yet give anybody oh that was really bad but I want to just kind, of tickle on your little golden thing here with a building their entire. Base around it holy cow maybe I can go around here and just kill that bass no one is going to find out about. This okay oh maybe such as got to find out about it you invent little slut yeah how exaggerated sec me.

Like that I'm just going to destroy your base for a moment they okay oh we got one down already present let's go Jack come on Thanks. No no no no no in the cookies oh my god this guy's gonna kill me man go. Away your filthy best we need to find a lot of golden thing yeah I think oh there's a window here where are, all these windows cover let's go everything let's go everything hi buddy oh, there is a that's one down I'm gonna kill this entire plan of my own oh I am just a would play your indicate let's shut down everything ok let's. See we get something from it oh boy another angry now they're else Sanjay Singh so much. Watching please do like to travel I'll see you guys on the next bridge .