Hey everybody I'm blitz welcome back to move out i owe you guys really like this so today what we're going to do is we're going to do the melee only challenge just. Like that I already got a kill and we're going to see how this goes my objective is. To try to get to the top of the leaderboard with only using melee weapons building absolutely no win the middle so if, we can do that that is awesome, if not it's going to be a fun adventure trying we already got a lucky hundred points to begin with what we're going to do first is we're using cookie and where to, get Ryan maybe Ryan Ryan Ryan come your ride oh you're gonna get trapped in the corner oh, you're so close oh you gotta go that way go that. Way for sure hi shin haha don't attack me you're after me now okay I see you Ryan I see you oh yeah I got a weapon to now we're cute going great and I'll, just you I don't trust you I do not. Trust you just do as long as I can throw you and then this game doesn't have throwing capability No okay let's let's take a short. Sword now if unknown decide to take us we can take him back or try to you. Anyway would double Rock ok so the next thing I wanted is the greater traps just in case we decided to build. Some traps up this is mo mo g he doesn't like me at all I want to stay away from him also we could probably take them pretty easily. Right now oh look at this guy go after 000 walk back here oh I.

Ate the cookie I'll let you be I'll let you be. And that guy's name is no oh my god I gotta oh I tricked him into the corner and he came in I don't know what he was trying. To do maybe he's trying to be friendly this is the last video I made but I'm. Already on a Marty third now on the leaderboard that's kind of cool oh oh that guy just disappeared came back they try to get oh you gonna, come at me you gonna come at me I'm not. Spinning the team we're not doing that I got 210, points I got the spike traps it seems like everyone's got a target on me I see you there let's go see if we can find a SD see if I can find a new. Space and what are these traps 30 would and 10 stone might try to trap somebody oh I think I found. It dude dude def wait oh you're in trouble now okay there's some sort of battle going on in here aha check this out.

Okay I, got you stay away from me let's try this watch this trick oh come on come at me come in now we're gonna try to get someone to leave yeah now we're gonna do this is my base. I know hi oh okay this is so scary spin a team oh I got you now you're in so. Much trouble you are in, so much trouble through dunzo there you go come on gaga these guys like a standoff up there everyone's just like waiting for, the first strike waiting for the first strike okay SD is 10,000 coin that's a hundred kills for me yikes, Oh does it look like I oh did I get it I think I got that one too okay how to try to chase people out, the other door there's a SD right there ha ha ha ha oh oh oh oh ha i see you know we didn't fight. We can fight you got your you got yourselves. Your own uh where they called a bodyguards guy hello hello hello uh huh what what the double up on me oh I see you you know you know try this huh, I'll see you sweet circular no time both hahaha oh man I'm looked at a voice, wait wait wait wait no no no stop it stop it stop it please just kidding I don't want peace, from you match on the wall I'm going to destroy my trap bring it somewhere else we. Only have a limit so we're going to do the best we can with our limit oh here's a guy that's how, you got him come up to 600 oh this. Guy's in trouble spin team oh man there went your base get destroyed base is later some babe haha okay oh. I don't want that okay thank you guys let's destroy everything here oh whoops what not allowed not allowed I love hope you're done you're done. Got you thank you and now i need more food, holy this little little pit of sunshine up here I got you nobody gonna do if I destroy all your stuff you don't even have food unknown back oh god his Bob he's builder, is Jack no no let me feel your story about Jack and unknown don't jack. Oh we got so many unknowns in trouble Bob's gonna Bob's gonna test this stuff huh oh, boy gosh you've got Jack owo the double cup of days so great there's another guy with the, base somewhere not so sure what to think about that so we're just gonna go down I think other Shin looks a-okay yep he was AFK that other base should be right, over here it is we should get light player do it come on out come and see me, yeah ya know what do you do now asd huh oh I. Can do that to you I can do that too I can do that too hot oh it's a dance of. Ages here I'm going to leave you be for a little bit, there's three of them there are three oh I see why you want to dance would you like to dance I think you. Would yeah try to get out of my house destroy your walls because I can oh there there it is okay ooh hello.

Okay I need air don't know what you did yeah that's my trip I'm pretty gonna do now he's done, Oh bar oh he's got some leg advantage here too we see out easy out no there's going to be a tough tough thing to do I'm sneaky I'm hiding up, here hey mind up your trees mine up your trees i'm. Gonna take out your leg view that's right now you ain't got nobody guess, what that's my trap oh I place that earlier oh so it sneaky of me oh man oh. Man oh man oh man that was great that was perfect hello doc hello I don't even I don't even care do, I totally got the top of the leaderboard now that was at 12,000 that I destroyed let's uh let's circle this up it's not gonna let. Anyone in here if they try to give to it then they're gonna die don't know jack just wrap. It so people are going to try to go inside of it uh-huh there you go thank you and now if they. Try to go in there oh there's Jack again so Jack again hi hello now people try to go in there it might get. Some point I don't know what to do. Gotta want to hunt low-level people now I guess everyone's low level because I am the top of the, leaderboard 17 kills street pretty good this guy's got a big acts kind of scary to have a large X attacking, you you're rather be hit by an extra sword though hello I don't know he's pretty swinging right now like a giant bloodbath going on Oh team. Oh here's a good good pack oh oh you almost killed me okay destroy her and see you oh man I, got cookies though you don't seem to have cookies got nice here's destroy here again hello oh man you got away you got away I'm gonna take you out destroy our, destroyer I know you're new I know you're new around here there's nowhere to go. Up top yes yes yes not perfect I think I right click let's take these Oaks nobody can get point in Teen Mom. Og hello spin team I am gonna hang in spin for you gonna. Hunt you down I'm gonna hunt you down he hit the top of the map, I'm gonna spread out guys name is zero oh yeah got him mmm-hmm still after you I hope you know that I still AM after you cool hello, base hits bob just using builder that was okay Oh.

Got him perfect oh that oh cookies I see that we have someone trying to make a base up. Here uh-huh oh man oh that's a nice base look at that men Wow I'm going to take these guys out the whole squad of them with one easy, easy peasy lemon squeezy attack ready ready I see you nuclear nuclear nuclear ha ha ha aha now what do you do now what's this you, now what do you say huh Get Your Gun these are the super ones nuke these are the super one. You think about these okay you're gone you're gone and you're gone nice ain't nobody allowed to. Have a base on my watch I gotta attack and I Evans's out. Cuz it wasn't anything exciting Oh they've hit this is my branch okay whatever oh ok these, were my trees I i made these I made those traps around this i think i should say yeah there's only two left they attacked my bushes that is, not too nice of them ah my an i see you up there you can attack me are you going to attack me okay yeah, i think you disconnected all right i did a sec I'm you ran into my trap those traplines man, is trapped or deadly there's the destroyer whoa destroyer almost destroyed me come, on okay I'm not let you be yeah almost yeah almost killed the Bliss come after me again uh-huh oh oh I got.

I got a hit on the event of snow oh come on huh come on oh boy this is the battle, it's the last one I have food wins come on come on come on oh. He's over food no he's not oh oh oh oh oh I do have more food than you i know that for sure got it nice i've just. Been mining up food the destroyer was destroyed mercenary. Hello I won't take you up quite yet I'm going to let you get comfortable than I'm going to walk over and I'm gonna smack you get away from my tree, get away from my tree my trees not food my treat food I only have 500 I need more. And let's. Make the great walls tolkien's bikes back ready to go ready to go Thank You time now let's hope somebody walks into there I don't want let's try. To yeah like that somewhere right here that's nice now that's good no somebody might try to walk in.

If they do then they're dunzo yeah oh that's a real bass this guy he doesn't like me because I took him, up real face not allowing a real base open here not at all there's a double bass oh there's another one oh he's gone no I I, took you out I took your buddy out to use Bob he's building again I.

You know what let's let Bob go for a little while in team oh you're done you're done to. You I didn't even get attacked Wow oh look at, this space Mom og ok so here I'll help you here try to get out now now what you gonna do I'm gonna put a trap right inside there too oh I can't make, any more traps are you kidding me no I can I don't have I don't. Have enough wood ok I have enough wood for two traps now see what emoji does. Here take these guys out take them out put a trap in now what do you do guys oh now, what do you do now what do you do you're gonna yeah I don't know what they're gonna do ok whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa got him mmm this. Is my base now my babes com doc hi hello, how are you how are you how are you yeah let's mash this thing up. Let's go G dark night babe a dark night it till my spikes again we must go, find my tree spikes but someone set up a base around it he did he did this is my tree spike yeah that's right I'm here back I'm back you know Joe, kill me yeah I have offered cookie I offer a cookie just kidding I have a sword you are not allowed, to have my trees you know this is mine okay 500 so Bob's kind of creeping up and so is Jess ooh others a, Jawa no it just ja ja dead though dunzo rest in pepperoni that earlier this little face. Are you gonna come after me seriously yeah whatever i don't i, don't care i'm going after what's in here there's nothing in here and what about of your rule oh look at this thing look at this contraption well what was that contraption. Here place, down a trap nope okay okay I get the picture oh oh he's gonna kill me gonna kill me box box oh they're just artists oh babe I got more cookies, than you come on haha or that epic battle of that bullies out of cookies now he's out got. You on the run now come on get you on the run and have none cookie oh you got a cookie out of the deal there. It is how much, I watching you all the way across the map I heard you like a cat Oh get away from my berry bushes ah I did it now Bob's creeping up, a little bit not so sure if I like that I'm gonna go see what that mercenary is like might have. To go take Bob Bob I know he's on, the other side of map of been cruising over here for a while I'll just let Mom og go I. Picked on him along enough today oh I thought there was a base down here there is a base okay hi there you're done a spin team oh you got you have stuff going on you're stuck yep, you're done okay that was fun hi hello again uh yeah haha, Rebecca I'm DJ civ all the way across oh he hit me areas nuclear Bok Bok Bok Bok Bok dong, nah he's quick he's a fast little dude how these faster than me now. We're at the corner of the map I know you have to cut back up now gonna do now yep oh no Bob died Oh Bob faces gun I was, gonna take a bob I got mercenary left there's no look at his. Face there's mercenary there goes half of his face our staff is based our sect is dead. We'll just pretend that is there and oh oh no that wasn't me that was the destroyer that was the epic destruction I don't destroy is actually pretty good at this melee stuff, and with it the top. Of the leaderboard Wow destroyed responded and gotta kill instantly that top of the leaderboard the only only score on the leaderboard that says something we're gonna get some 5,000 points and when I cut, the episode at that because I kind of you know, I actually do feel bad that I'm ruining everyone's games all right we're gonna let Mom og go and let, him be and we receiving and find someone else may be low on hip lunch and just end him hello there that was a good one. We're just going all out here there's Bob I guess I did it, again didn't I ja ja yep okay ja spin team ah yep each job okay that is it. Spin team let's spin team spin team Finn team here have a windmill have a cookie do you like a cookie I'll give you a cookie I'll give you a cookie cookie, cookie hey would you like. Would you like to have a cookie no for real you're gonna have it okay everyone runs away from me no I'll give you a cookie now hi Wow yeah what's good otherwise everyone eyes nobody trusts me., My cookie I have a cookie I want to tack you I promise no for reals i gave that up right we're going peaceful. Mode no attacking hi Jess you would you like a cookie hey hey how long did I live what I didn't actually.

Mean to attack him sorry Jess you sorry i was eating cookies don't you dare don't you dare attack mo mo g he's mine I'll give, you a cookie we're the bestest repels all right guys that'll do it keep your, stick on the ice wilkinson .