Hey guys welcome back to MooMoo dot IO today we're doing something we have never done in any of the denial games and that is party up with some fellow muumuus. I don't know what you would call them but we're parting up with fellow, people and we're going to they already are on a server and they're dominating and I just played moomer last night and I got to like fourth on the leaderboard and, within a super short amount of. Time just by killing some people and using some of the things that you use when you level up there's now like all kinds of, different armor and hats and abilities and bow they just added a bow and there's continually updating the game I'm really excited let's get right into the action I'm coming on, yeah I'm coming I'm I'm very close how do I join it that's perfect.

All right top right the okay okay tag join join I'm. In it this guy's killing me I've yet I'm just trying to join clans right now all you see this man yeah that's right there's a bit of my, boys right here you don't messed up you don't mess up, you gotta you gotta here you got boost helmets yep I got a booth so much yo fireman are you like guarding the base here I got to get dude I played for, like literally about 10 minutes yesterday and shot up the board so fast oh gosh what are these Boosh pounds yeah. Oh oh boost boost pads right into some tracks hey how do I, get through this guy what'd you do I did it wiggle wiggle this is harvest no not really. But we're all messed up down in the bottom well I'm gonna I need to. Level up and then I need to get some so have you guys gone for anything other than the boost head I'm going for the time rammer because I was looking at. What did I what did I look at mister date that was really cool about it well the soldier helmet you're like, slower no no it was a the Bushido armor yeah I found the restores health when you deal damage that seemed so Oh, cookie it promotes obesity see how game promotes obesity hilarious oh you guys have multiple areas yeah just one. Day holy freaking windmills yeah we're no fun oh holy goodness man whoa, how you died yep some guy up north just got a shadow for, a Bushido or some right goodness that the cramp yeah the good news is the limos actually give you eat yeah this game needs to legals burritos yeah all right King. You got 15.6 K just in here – his gold Iraq all day this is what I was. Going to record later but since you guys are, freaking obviously wrecking look at this freaking base this is the greatest screen shot effort you don't level very fast from the gold dumb go – yeah Sharia or something find a double tree or something oh, oh you got a double tree down here RG, that is one absurd base I'm almost to the point where I can put some windows down after them I don't think. There's any room at a bye-bye again oh my just go to a corner or something does I know how, the gurney and now he's going to be here I, am saving my wingman obscure oh we can just expand the base though yeah yeah we could do that hey did King slow you're done King Slayer is off and he's still alive he's like what why. Is he not first on the board anymore I bought the Bushido all the thing oh it takes your points down yeah Oh, interesting I didn't know that yeah okay okay I didn't know that. It like when you bought something it would like take your points way that's cool oh here's here we go. We got an unknown guy coming up here well Robin his head got some Gd guy up here while he's shooting at me, hey God around the GD as a oh yeah there's GG go oh they got a base over, here no however what Norv yeah then you can fight all day and then I'm going to get a hat some kind, of Gloria's hat what is the which one should I get, I probably want to go well I find that a baby probably get the boost helmet first and then we're going to kill some people, steal the base and then I'm going to buy a hot lot money hmm that doesn't the base disappear when you're killing them no that doesn't happen oh really. This is. Like the craziest base ever so you think it would be it's there this guy out here is stuck in the, trap you see this was basically minecraft foot made of screws the diet it's stuck in the trap outside of our base really oh he must spawned in, that he's got a corner he's got a sword I want to go kill him chilli you killed him yep the guy that was stuck in, the trap bro let me kill these people yeah oh where you think when, you can like camouflage or whatever you look like a bush he's all right, of the map that's that's really uh that's really clever like I wanted some of the things. That they've added I'm glad to see that they haven't done the turret thing god I taught I wrote the Devon told him he shouldn't, I don't think you should put the turret no he's is there's another Bush guy there's another Bush guy he's trying to infiltrate our, base oh I see him he's on the outside there's a store to the right he's trying to, get in ah this shot I thought I thought that was a normal guy can you put your weapon well you can't even put your weapon no. So what's the point of the bush there's no it gives you gives. You away everything I'm climbing the boards and all I want, to do is get it I'm gonna oh no I want to get in itself wait should I do you think I should get six not no I want to say I want to save up spiked, gear deal damage the players to damage you does that mean other than melee like even if they shoot me, I was going to test that but I don't know ten thousand the bushido restores health and you deal damage. That's gotta be the best one man that's not that good not with the real you know Bushido track. Then the samurai honor increase attacks me with slower movement speed that's you, know they target right you know that's why I think the spy gear would be, the best one if you bid down slowly exactly I haven't polished don't you think if I got the spike gear but it yeah but. But if but is it is it only melee damage I started I think it I think. It has to be it makes sense I'm coming don't die you go for the other guy up north top really good.

Yeah I'm gonna set up again wait how much it always gonna do hope, hope it don't get the wind mouse the guy guy oh there's like stop oh yeah well yeah kill them all, Oh kill them all oh I fell in a pitcher have to okay dang it look at mommy oh look at their cute little snow heads, they're coming unless they're covered why all the crap didn't it's 90 SolarWinds into this night sucker oh nice kill Kingsley otherwise it's night. Sucker I got a guy cornered over here you gotta go all right oh there's another clan up here to water Oh war clan I see, what, Oh sytem it's night well I'm changing the guy to your left on this video video oh yeah a lot of gold, he had a lot of gold he went off the Senate spell okay I'm getting I'm getting the booster hat buying it ah according to talk to litter I got him Wow, I wasn't even aiming to come here man come here you know you want to die man my job man, I'm missing like all my shots magic hey guys how's it going how's it going in there huh. How you doing well kill the guys who dog feel like fighting you guys.

Are tough tough break not happy I got a guy built windmills over here I'm taking on a whole team by myself right, now gotten cut that guy I'm at the top again the walk wow dude you jumped off the head of high that fast get him Kyle good. Um we must, kill everyone I'm destroying everyone yeah how much guy almost died well I'm in look at this I'll good I'm back up the ninth already man a little boost in vain so if you buy multiple things. Of armor can. You like it equip either or yeah sweet I actually have the M builder helmet at us you know help I'm stuck let's let's go come on guys let's go let's go find bases and destroy him yeah. I reckon them something we'll get I'll get all of us are like we're on the leader the whole, board it's not the whole. Leaderboard is is clan be like all new server ciao yes one guy I checked the corners check the corners uh-huh look at this Bush together here we got a butcher we got a butcher oh my, god it's bull him kill destroy everything get the resources double stone that's a nice fun oh we, have a reign of spike I found a windmill I found a guy he's got no HP left gotta sound like you're, having a lot of fun thank you, a man you kidding me I've never been this good on this IO game and it's only possible because of you guys oh wait please, wait hey quit dang it you'll find another sir what would you rage quit if you saw 10 guys comin at. Ya I'm playin oh this is all our. Stuff right why not why not just add to the base you know put down a bunch of pictures put down in your walls look at. Look at number 10 name triple-thick the walls guys come on we need to make it bigger the world I, believe I know I wasn't saying like I only got so many yeah so I wait I've got I've. Got ten left man oh we got a guy got a guy bogey I'm smoking oh my god oh yeah anybody gets closer is. Just like annihilate him I see somebody she's gone who is it it's me it's moot uber hey, Muthu burr come here bro you know she's gonna fast what ot there's the cheese back multiple team guys there's there's there's a whole team of people, there's like five of them Here I am I'm the top North personal, top north person just five over come on boys they've got a huge face oh I see him yeah good I so did Oh cooter good help yes got a kill mal. Call me yeah yeah I almost. Died I was dying I was a close one Wow we just been Niall is going everything not to disappear that's awesome yes I had a. Little Warhammer this would be fun classic that's a raid right there best rate yet oh my goodness didn't, even David stand chance I don't think that's a I don't think that's a wall it's a – yeah, – brain it all right I got star nice pit trap they're gonna rebuild, guys we gotta find him time to go severing our worthless yellow this works juicy really fun are you serious right now how are you gaining so much dude how are you, getting so much I actually don't know seriously it's like yesterday I seem like I got, everything so quickly you guys are on the left I bump, that you guys are a big group on the right thing yeah that's right yeah you're probably too normal I meant I'm at the base actually oh yeah I was just putting down spikes, and stuff oh I. See that super TG the great smear brow it's just a new but he's gonna die ha ha ha boy oh I just Nitin Wow it's just like you're hanging out one guy shoot. And next thing you know there's like 10 of them coming after him. Ha ha and awesome pics oh here's team isn't it jeez back yeah you messed up bro oh no they got a whole group doesn't matter oh this is Benna, man horrible one got away yeah fire me with this night poor guy yeah like. And oh no they got team team safety they want their. Little hats Jessica caught a stray stray arrow there stay on the team stay on the team how was this guy so, much faster ok she doesn't have the bow fun I found a little hat guy oh I think he oh this is the same guy he just left, the team I think trying to hide for me don't think so come here dude cool worldly think so dinky thank you young uh you, got your army of ten, people coming up again yeah yeah he's going on the left she's on the left go to the left right now you'll cut him off, hang up killing a guy who is it who's your kill Katie okay ya Yin is the one he's right here he's coming to you, he's coming to you right now I know you guys you guys are just cycling around me then run here you, hear ya wait are you slower with the sword versus the X I. Think both slows you down actually no the bow slows you down but our genes is kind of like Iran being easily there does he have to, sort of get an axe yeah yeah this is a piece so he is outrunning me you were right he is to mine yeah, it's faster whoa. Whoa whoa oh yeah what's up dude I'd see you again this is ridiculous man can you I wish I could like spike and pitch at the same time in the glorious care that no one, would walk into the petrol no but. I mean like like pit trap and a spike like right next to this picture up so, when you went into the pit trap you get hit by the spike and you can move let's die yeah like a different like a different type of trap yeah hello get it got a hit on. A fire truck yeah got him yeah and the adding the boat screwed me up cuz they. Used to be so good at like tapping to go fast and that was. Three and I gotta move my finger in a way that I don't really like yeah you can like equip them you can like hold them oh there, we go how're you guarded Oh get him get him come oh yeah. Nice night oh you saw that there's another guy I'm good again I think he might see I think I might have died maybe now there is, up top left corner check fireman go straight go straight up yeah well cut. Him off you got a turn eventually my god this three super guys me on each other oh here he is got him yeah boy yeah I don't know. What happened. He like was afk and then I went up and I was money gold and he left the group and killed me sucks what headed, somehow but it yeah somebody's raiding our base right now yep I just played all three of them what the heck you kick all right on the base and then kill. Everyone you gotta let it lose something man come on. Taking forever getting gold by mining so we need to just go get a derpy finger, doesn't even work I need to kill everyone come on guys they probably have regrouped already probably amassed a new base well I, need to get some stuff first I'm gonna I'm gonna I like if you use your hacker voice I swear and flex will kick well we got a bass we got a. Bass down here in the bottom left hand corner the base of, the map really close firebase oh wait it's cool wait wait wait oh dude there's like five there's like ten of them down here. The yeah the yes iron in the bottom left-hand corner do there so money it's everyone we killed joined together everyone to be killed joined,.

Together and made a massive team I'm not even joking nice dude Salty's is wrecking everybody man look at her I need some help. Bottom bottom bottom well Justin I gotta go guys just keep peeling Kyle just keep peeling see peeling I get them you're good you're good I got try I got stuck to but just keep. Feeling I felt like real food. You got any any more food calm let's go I got I got heal heal heal yeah match that heal button I'm gonna go take a shot for you yeah thank you okay. Okay I, got no more I got no more food okay pull out if you want I want I want I want these windmills there's some food Oh another truck we I gotta I gotta go get food I'm like, beer I'm like barely surviving here soldier helmet Oh chase me down bring that holy, how did he boost I died how did he boosts so much any Tom plays the booster pad he placed a booster pad. Did he really that's clever wow that was incredibly that was incredibly good whoa great eye man I was. So close again to get him Bushido dang it dude I was so close again to Bushido and I freaking, lost it once again, I was like at like 10k or something I could have had it man I could have had it I'm still on fourth it is three there's a three thing here no wonder why but here we go Kyle, we got a couple guys youto be ours cata serpentine serpentine oh. Yeah whatever I passed you groups all around uh supers over here supers over here to the right yeah still somewhere out there I just saw. Ya guy ah bunch of, super guys underscore hey that was that was really smart dude that was your really smart what a genius, what these guys don't he's gonna thinking this through and a singing it through yeah yeah he got him no her no he. Said something friends no dude no friends your time is up bro your time is up he's trapped yeah you know you must die look II didn't QT at me we're probably sure that was, jeez what happened you have a salty young Salter that thing can take all kinds. Of damage huh I didn't check her I should sort of have, children yeah I reduces damage taken oh my gosh I'm getting I thought that, was about saying dude you just took so much damage when I got embarrassing done to you there is insanely epic being all day rage quit yeah rage quit boys rage quit yeah gee that soldiers. Will take over that soldier helmet holy smokes yeah that one stupid helmet actually no no but it was insane he took like, I. Did he took like three melee hits baby damn incentive they're just all quitting now once I know that we that one time know that we. Like own the entire board you can tell like there's like we've lost so many people because there's so many names on.

The board and like I was 266 stone right now there's only.

500 of us left 226 stone yeah let me count how many there's only five of us left in two three five came in at four guys some dude spawned in right actually oh yeah sold your head, sweet I probably yeah guys come over here push for my pretty left, yeah they're back to where they work they like are surprisingly not moving the locations I saw. I saw one of them and I'm like calm you snipe these guys the same spot our soldier helmets will win homie it told you how much damage it reduced it by, cuz it only says Richard Adams yeah probably like 70% probably okay oh my god I kind of want. To kill myself, just so I can get booster pads and do that boat booster bad thing and then people can't run off good ah yes I need like 300 gold or something I. Think I sold their helmet plus booster caddy probably affect your life 30 stone in five years for a booster though and that's you. Got to hit six you gotta hit six to move that's that's crazy you. Must not have like maybe yeah and other things or something oh my god how can go. Now okay so doesn't care going to the top left even been up here in a while here's coffee straight iced coffee, hey guys I think it's safe to say we've we more all there's there's a one guy up here hit'em what the heck sometimes, the bow I don't understand it yeah we. Need to scout them out who says opposite yeah oh he's got no health that guy's dead just killed two guys there's another I think we got Santa samus's. Back he spawned oh if you're interesting okay anybody else up here our base is so great yeah I'm just oh there's a, nice dude Konoha top right-hand corner, all right spikes stone walls multiple guys I'm coming hanging yeah I'm running into a bunch of yeah dude there's a lot of yeah dude there's a new team cause like what got the new there's a huge. Dude there's a war zone up here I'm here don't worry it's a war zone oh there's multiple bases multiple, bases nice nice cookie oh you made a mistake, some guy just rage quit soldier helmets are breaking in or break it in come here thankee and cookie you can shut up right now huh Lauren. Yeah one of them got away well that was a hit and I got the lock in. Our base didn't lags oh dude there's a bunch of people up here woah holy smokes there's people in our base okay it's only. One guy arigato yeah the pros the pros are up here they don't have a can, what's up and on the outside Boston in from the top all right I'm getting. I'm taking it back yeah I got stuck in I'm in a trip got one who he didn't even try to swing a me he just like let me, go out here a stupid trip another trail oh I hit us he. Accounted for this they accounted for this I've only got two food left oh okay yeah. This probably gonna be another trap now alright got one the pros are do our finding gold ah freaking trash um come on though, I'm second one there they're on the run guys just I'm gonna tell me I'm gonna get some food two of them ran off open up ones over here they're. Admitting that they got wrecked yeah okay I got two guys of two, things for food this guy said we got right nice I'm probably need some more food to know I'm, only up to 159 I'm going at 40 you know I'm sorry go they know where our bases but yet they still haven't gone to it. Schedule maybe most of our base is gone we don't even really need a base no you go around, Yanis Troy maple we honestly don't need sweet another successful ratings hunter here's a they had a pretty good base. Said like traps scattered throughout the base that was really smart if we building when we build another base someday we'll, have to do that I tried building in a corner so if we get raided they have to come through the base and stuck, in transfer you just shoot. Them hey like your baby victory I like your base i like your base bro I like your babes hey yeah guy back oh. The pro guys are shooting them they're rebuilding oh we're back I'm just shooting around them. I will know my rosary building the pros are rebuilding okay yeah I've already killed like any of them breaking through the help that the helmet alone the helmet alone, guarantees victory the case I. Rebuilding up over here in the north oh thank god Lee thank you dude that helmet is so good yeah I got a guy it's not even fair, hey no there's like been literally no point to not get anything other than this and honestly I think it only protects a leaf. Or not it is good is melee but if like is a huge help okay how we should. Be the pros we need to be the jack jag India tech pros yeah so no no right alright well guys thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed, this episode if you did click that thumbs up button below feel free. To subscribe if you do the channel now see you guys bye bye. Plan right you .