If someone taking down my wood wall well I might need to find him i might need to fight him all right all right y'all wait get out of here I don't everybody my name is spin fire. We're playing moo moo I oh this is the game about crossing and stuff like, that it's not again about cows much to my disappointment. I thought I'd get to be a cow and there'd be maybe some milk involved and some steak or something like that but no it's a game where you have to craft things it's kind of like, a survival game anyway I've caught myself Empire let's jump into it so this is us here we have a. Hammer we can built things with a hammer I just called myself been playing because obviously that's. Who I am but I just thought if I play. This game again I could use a myself for after one of you guys you know one of you. Want to use viewers so if you want me to do that and if you want me to play it again let, me know in the comments below just say something like you know use my name please or something like that something so I can tell what you talking about.

So if I hit e i can do like auto resource gathering which basically means there's an auto attack I'm just belting that. Hammer I'm guessing, this is an apple tree yeah I'm getting food well that's pretty good the game gives you tips and tells you that, if you go ahead and like try and gather as many resources as you can before trying to build a base you're better off. So that's what I'm going to try and do I'm going to collect the, heap of wood food or at sort of stuff what do I do with risotto what's this I can build a stone. Wall that sounds good okay probably want to build a stone wall at sun sign at some point right okay that that tree has run out of wood i'm going to. Start building this street and get some more wood, I like the arts I love it it looks a lot like agario but it's you know obviously different it's like a top-down sort of rust or something. Like that only I don't think there's any gun oh god this. Guy's gotta go you've got like a sword or something ah go to store I'm gonna get away from em probably stop free, my hammer like an idiot let it be a good idea oh there's a guy named see the wrestling spinning there is a windmill that's a daya look at all. These people with store I don't have any swords I don't have anything I'm, crap ok I'm just going to built this tree tell intelligent of mine I'm just, hitting a tree with a hammer setting is not how you gather wood oh I can do this thing a great axe gathers resources a, high rate for decreases overall be increased attacking car but slower gathering speed I want a faster, gathering speed I'm going for this yeah that's the business or you want to fight me do it I've got, an axe I'll ask you a question in the face oh is this great what this girl was. To fight me what was that about can I eat some stuff can I eat the AI did I just ate an apple and then, I got some awesome health back that's pretty good I probably do with some more apples and food, and things I think the whole part of this game is the sort of you know I hang back a little bit in the beginning try not to get, yourself killed, I could do with a map so we could kind of tell where I am in the game because at the. Moment i don't know i'm just running around and there's like trees everywhere and always sort of stuff what was this faster windmill generates more point greatest hike damages, enemies when they touch them probably goes for those things first I suppose. I wonder is windmills make you level up see you I have the age thing at the bottom that's basically your level and when you level up you. Get to you get to pick like an upgrade this game very green I found there's a lot, of green I've got a little would I could probably do with some stone oh man those people are fighting each other and everything there's people of violence. Oh this guy. Wants to tanger dummy maybe he does I just want some stone cuz I don't have any oh god I'm not I'm, not trying to fight you dude what are you swinging it I don't know I want to so nice yes all right I'm getting some stones that's good, stones good I need loads of stone and I need loads of, water and there will be sweet then we can start building all the things we'll see what the mind allows you to mind stone I thought that was a miner's in like you know, the type of thing that's the type of thing that explodes when you step on it that's kind of normal we want that's that's, a bit violent reach level up we didn't get upgrades ok I'm, coming knives at the moment somehow I don't know how oh no now I'm back on the board I'm going up and down I don't think the, game can decide like who's who's rightfully first at the moment 170. Stone I'm doing all right doing all right how much is a stone walk off g25 business, stone with a spike cost stone and wood it's not cheap it's not cheap to build things I guess I just keep gathering this is what that's what I'll do just. Gather all the stuff i, think i need to pick like a really inconspicuous spot to build my face I don't know where there's got to be like a better. Spot to do this I'm 74 some moments though but the person who's first is like 10,000 then something ten thousand and seven hundred I.

Know my number ok so I'm going to start building a stone, wall great just like this just like this little stone wall here we go build another one. Now you put it like here how much of my stone is this using if using a little bit and then maybe. Some of these like spiked walls let's get some of these happening there we go nice personally they don't damage me when I run into them okay, get some more spike wall just a couple round like this way like that hey that's, pretty good I'm happy with this okay get the windmill now we get the point now we get the point you want, to bump into my splicer hahaha to cry just ran, right into my spikes wouldn't idiot get out of my get out of my face was that guy doing in my face I know I'm not no no. No Tommy sorry man the guy killed me and took my bait you can. Create parties though I just realize okay maybe creating a party wouldn't be a bad idea is a different server all right my base was looking, pretty awesome though until I guy come and kill me story of life right what happens to me every day, in real life or if I can just build a few windmills just. On the quiet and like hide them just fight them down there like the corner or something like that where no one can see them maybe that'll be a, good idea ok I think I should make the cookies I think. The cookies is better and that you can heal better with the cookie this level are not business is slow getting.

All your resources and everything thanks forever I think this would be like a really fun game to stream though like if you had like a few people you know get everyone, involved I think that'd be really fun faster windmill generates more points over time that sounds like a good. Idea I've got loads of food I can do it some more rewarding God mash download free show who's boss or something here. To pick them free yes come back more whack yet I'll whack you with mac okay I need, to find some stars where's the thoroughness got to be some around here starting seeing is pretty rare there's like trees all. Over the place but hardly any rocks I'm completely unrealistic game is unplayable girl right or I'll hit you what are, you hit you with my backswing that's why I was like hang on maybe I should. Take this bin play guy on and it. Was like oh I tell you what that guys actually pretty hardcore I don't think I'll bother and then he got scared come on do it I want to come over. This way you want to pee turns out he does not want, a piece this guy does though come on dude come on this guy's a terrible shot, yeah stay away my rock my rock I'm just going to bash my rock when i get to a hundred stone i'm going to build this mind playing that mind stone for me, I don't know how that works I don't know if, it just gives you like stone over time or something like that but we're going to try it well here. We go here we go all right stop stop throwing your thing around wait three domick all right. The guy hit me with his sword I'm going to find him and I'm going to whack that dude down all right, let's just mindless time together stop attacking people there we go teamwork yay aceite friend awesome. Is it guys trying to hit me or something I don't know stop it dude what's he about he's like these swing and he thought of me but then he stops and then he goes for it he's like.

Hmm I'm not sure if I should hit the spin by a guy or not so I'm going to port. Just a mind just obviously you somewhere just like a little inconspicuous mind how does that work does this oh it, just gives. Me stone that's all it is it's just like another means of getting stoned okay that's not that great let's get some more wood, guy killed me again why did that guy kill me I had like I had much better weapon and everything I don't know there's too much killing in. This game way through much wow look at this person's base they go into town oh man wish I had a face like that again I, think I might get a sword let's go for the cookie and then we'll go for a sword I haven't, tried the stored yet apparently it's like really slow resource gathering but I know see what, happens yes so the soldiers collect one at a time instead of a hammer that collects two at a time but I think. Maybe the sword, swings a little bit quicker well maybe you still move quicker I don't know something about being quicker that's good i think i'm going to need loads of food in case people try and fight, me i can just make like loads of cookie there's actually a dude called Calvin so. That's the cow I've been looking for this whole time turns. Out through the cow in this game let's just hit this phone together won't fight let's just through this land in, Minecraft fan is that what he means I've done looking bad dudes name down there i don't know i think the cows having like. This existential crisis thing is just stopped in the supply just, think it keeps freaking out they look at that that is one civil count you know what i mean like that. Cow has its morals and stuff i'm going to put my own line up here all right i'm gonna do i'm going to build a mind right then so now, i can mind my own stone right next to our mining starring in fruit at the. Same time hmm man maybe you played bump into each other that means you mind post at the same time we're good no hands i press E and that, means auto attack I said that before that's what I'm, doing just in case you're a little bit confused i also had my headphones in the moment cuz i'm listening to, music this game actually has no sound but i'm just listening to some tunes so what happens if I port right let's just stop that for a, moment what happens if I put another I can only build one mind again what if I. Hit it from this side no that doesn't work, so I must have just been nice and close to get both of them at the same time fair enough ok I'm going to start putting some spiked walls around here just been trying to lock. Myself in a little bit just to see, if this works all right so put on there and report another one sort of here. As a bit of an entrance ok and then we'll put more around here there's more of these powerful it's around here just like this now these are the superspy pool the ones that are really powerful I can't put. That there all, right you put like a bit of a wood wall there instead again we put some more around here like this we're just, going to start locking ourself in I don't know if anyone's going to try and bother me I'm not too sure we'll see what happens we'll just put like another, one sort of up here there we go maybe like another one just about like here I suppose. Nice okay now we've got like our own little Bay. Sling the business so we can just keep whacking away ok I'm going to build a windmill this is our first windmill it's gone right here ok now that's going. To start accruing some point I have no idea what the points do whether they have any purpose, at all but that's what we're going to do oh did, I whack my stone most black wall away maybe I did ok let's put another one up maybe just, like a little bit farther away from the tree this time build another windmill anyone like right there and we'll start getting a little. Bit more stones given that we're running out of stone we need some more. I really like this game it's a little bit slow I feel like maybe they could add some more things into the game to speed it up a little bit maybe some like different weapon upgrades or something. Like that I'm not too sure it just seems like it's very. Grindy very very grinding if you have any ideas like let me know in the comments below how they could improve this game maybe the developer, will see them hey that cow. Guy is doing pretty good is like my neighbor he's doing all right I'm proud of him ok I'm going to build some wood walls around here maybe just like around this band all the, games like chugging away know what's going on let's melt some more wood just, to kind of put some walls around a little bit maybe like a spike wall here I've already got tents by Paul are you have a limit wow I, did not know that awesome ok so, I've basically walled in my face nice i'm happy with this this is a good. Bang good looking back someone attacking my face yeah is great go away guys going down no.33 stomach stop it yeah goddamn that guy was coming. First to ya Betty regret doing that take that champ he probably should have just. Left me alone you know what I mean what's the saying let sleeping dogs lie that kind of thing that's where he should have done is that he tried to fight that Sleeping, Dogs and I punched his face in for it that's what, happens when you mess with vampire that dude should probably get out of my face hahaha he died they cry spawned basically on. One of my spike that poor guy get out of my brain get out of my face this is my face so my voice hurt me nor. They don't oh man that's good i'm, happy about that i thought that were going to kill me okay need some more windmills for the windmill there and put another one just under here and record we put it on one, I don't know great, you want to go you want to thank us right get out of my face what are these people. Doing i don't know i think i would take a wax at my bank get out of here kisses fun this is actually pretty fun and i'm probably false at the moment so that's pretty good. I think people see that, you doing well and then they start to fight you you know i mean get out of you get out of you i mean even windmills, can I have I can have one more windmill I might do that there we go there's another windmill start accruing some point i'll leave that guyline because i'm, a nice guy i'm a merciful god you know what i mean if i make it, the first i will be chuffed i'm getting close the other guys just smashing along he must be doing pretty well, I fortified the right-hand side of my face quite a bit that's good i'm just going. To keep going here at the vine i'm just going to keep hitting this free even though we don't really needs to but i suppose i could use it to, build up my wood wall is like someone tries to come and attack it you. Know and take it down so i think that's a good idea see I've got nothing else to build like all someone taking down, my wood walls well I might need. To find him i might need to fight him right great go away get out of here I'll get your dudes I will get you yeah you get out of here, would you think I. Christ trying to get my paint all right I need to build need to build up my walls again that guy is going to die, I swear to god that guy is going to die yeah come back again see what happens cash me outside how about that a. Good way to tell whether someone's attacking your base are not when it's covered in wood walls it's actually just keep, your mouth hovered over the little wood wall icon at the bottom if you. Start to see you no more wood wall being available to bills and you know that someone's taking out. Your war the guy thinks I don't know he's there except until I do this what are you doing chance stop trying to take out my base, is he trying to offer me a cookie or something like. That to live in my face dude no it's not going down I will kill that guy a friend god corelle to be trying to take, my base out again here he comes again ah the guy killed me I can't believe that guy killed me I even eat a, cookie and everything yet I still died I. Think this game might have like a little bit of lag maybe you didn't rent it to the day to compete okay so this is a game I've made it to second I dies and now I'm back to, zero again just absolute zero although there must be very many people playing because there's a. Bunch of people on 0 at the moment anyway let me know what you think about this game in the. Comments below and if you'd like me to play. Some more so thank you very much for watching to be 0 if you liked it give us, some of these ones and i'll see you guys next time Oh .