Ok we're fine we're fine he's dead he asked me that all we show them we almost died oh my god that was a. Joke watching yo what is going on guys my name is nation and welcome to a brand new video on my channel today we're going to be playing a, new dial game personally this is actually my.

New favorite dial game I think it might be that next big thing guys a lot of people don't like to try out new tile games but I promise you if, you give this one a chance you will enjoy is such a good game definitely recommended by.

Me so I'm going to start going over the basics of the game the basic mechanics and. How to play and then i will give you guys some more events tactics for house gets number one so in Moodle die oh it's just a, basic dial game where you get to number one on the leaderboard says the. Ultimate goal right now the number one guy is 27.4 k in the top right hand corner as you can see the bottom right hand corner are your resources so basically by folding those. And blacks and click on. Your mouse you are able to move your weapon I think she's going back and forth and what you do, with your a weapon is actually farm and get resources right now this is a trick time hitting, and I'm getting one word of her hit as you can see the numbers going up in the bottom right hand corner in the center of, the bottom you can see age 1 so this little bar is going. Up I'm trying to aid you up right now it's basically leveling up and below that age 1 there are actually all these different objects so this is our apple, wood wall by wyndham ill and minds so all these do different things all of them give a description in the top left. Hand corner I think to the wyndham el tren rights points over time so all these. Things cost resources basically your goal is to build a base and the only thing that gives you points are windmills and pulling other players no matter who, you kill you will get 100 points for killing them and you kill people by using your weapon right. Now I have like this, little axe but you can upgrade your weapon as you age up or level up you can really call it whatever you want right. Now I can either get a stone wall which is a little better than this wood wall which provides protection from my, farm or my face and this is a cookie which restores 40 health. Compared to the apple which only resource 10 I'm going to be giving my opinion on what the best stuff is to get guys. So i definitely recommend the cookie at age two the cooking is such a good thing to have so the three resources, you can get or food would in stone and this is like our apple tree or berry bush or something but this of course can screw it I'm getting one for. A hit so I want to get as much as possible actually does, the cookie I just thought cost 15 food to get I think see I can use it right now. In our stores might help in order to place down an object you have to go under this age bar thing and then select the item you. Want so I'm going. To select the wood wall right now I'm going to be carrying it I can move but I have not released it, yet in order to place it you have to click on what you're holding right now I'm holding the wood wall and I'm going to click on it with, my mouth and there we go we have placed this object down you can actually destroy other. People's objects by hitting it as you could also destroy your own so right. Now I'm hitting my own objects because I just wasted 20 wood on it and I place it in a really bad spot, and I did just farm it up and I got my 20 would. Back so that's how you basically break other people's stuff that's all their object can destroy something space by hitting it over and over again so, my goal right now is to age up and i'm going to do that by getting some stone because so it is a good resource to have but actually i'm going to get some, food to that I can afford cookies whenever I want in order to feed, myself to get HP if I get damaged from other players so my goal is definitely to get number one I'm telling you guys if you. Watch the rest of this video you will learn how to easily get to number one my strategy is very. Very good so basically when you get to h3 you can. Select a new attacking item so there's either this great acts which, allows you to gather resources quicker basically you get two of whatever resources are farming / hit instead of with the short sword which, only gives one but the short-sword allows you to attack players and do a massive amount of damage personally I highly recommend the short-sword guys even though the farming is slow. You could easily. Destroy other players and get a quick 100 points we're gonna go after this guy right now and we're about to kill him there we go we got, him easy Vic I didn't even win a single hit on me and I was able to destroy him but in my opinion the shorts or just.

Takes a priority over getting any means of better farming, so I'm just going to continue farming continue aging up and right now you can select either a faster windmill or greater spike the. Spikes of course damage players once you select a spike and put it down as other players run, into it they will get damaged but i think i'm going to go as a factor windmill because that's the only way. To get prints besides killing people it always gives a hundred points once again, no matter how high on the leaderboards the person is all kills give you 100 point i've been seeing a lot of people with the gz tag. That's like some other youtuber but if you guys, play this game make sure to use the end tag so we can take over as the best new moon Io plan yo and thanks. It was exactly a week ago the game came out so if you watch this video and you put it for the first time at least you. Won't be a complete new you'll be able to easily. Dominate those people that are new to the game so I'm going to go ahead and farm this rock for some stone because. I am very low in stone but i'm gonna attack this guy with short sword yo i got my guard easy kill we are at 300 points he wasn't even paying attention i was, able to easily get that guy also i'm not positive about this guy's but i'm. Pretty sure you do move a tad faster. If you are not swinging your weapon so right now this is how i'm moving and if I don't move my weapon I think I move a little faster but no, promises that's the only thing I'm really unsure about in this game so this guy would the short, sword is trying to fight me I'm going to, run away because we both took one hit to each other I don't really want to respond i'm going to free myself of cookie and IM. Max health you always want to have a good amount of good source of food on you because if you find yourself in a situation. Where you're being attacked without the proper resources mainly food obviously because that's how you feel up then you're going to find yourself in a horrible, situation so getting that cookie i just got the mac health that would normally take like three apples so that's what I want,. This to be brought 400 points and we haven't even started building our base yet this guy with the axe is attacking me not smart lost his weapon is not, good so we're going to go after and we just kill them easy and then this guy as well as Cagney I'm just gonna. Get cooking just to get the max house because I don't want to, die and let's continue gang some stone we want to find a very nice place to start building their babies preferably where there are a, good amount of resources and also on a corner or at least the, edge of the map would be the ideal place to start filling a base so I'm gonna. Go after this guy with the short-sword he's almost dead just let him till two cookies I'm going to also pay myself cookie and was good I'm actually getting these wooden things. To see each give 20 what I'm attacking that guy all all the woods gone now because when did you. Tell someone all the resources go away or all of their objects go away not resources I mean of course resources for themselves but that doesn't. Affect me I could also, attack these windmills and I'll get so much XP I just killed it so or not. XP about resources I just got a massive amount of resources wood and stone just from getting these I'm going to attack all these little barriers because they each, of 20 wood and it is very helpful for me because I am. Just getting mass resources right now this is actually very good guys look at my resources I'm in, 20 from each the spike I want to be careful not to hit the spike but I am trying to farm it without this guy killing me i just got it a bunch more wood a bunch more stone, this is just looking very nice as you can. See every time I destroy spike it gives 20 wood in five stones I'm just, wrecking this guy's entire farm or base whatever you want to call it I kind of like calling at base. But I know it's supposed to really be called farm I'm just continuing to get these spikes this is hilarious this. Guy can't defend himself I don't even know because he has a bad weapon as you can see he's using that giant axe which is good for farming but.

It's very bad for defense as you can see I'm just telling him easy he's almost dead he is. Running away I'm not gonna use my weapon because I go faster and I. Was able to kill him before he put himself a cookie this guy's farming I'm going to wreck him as well I'm just going to leave. Them actually this guy's FK I'm literally just dominating. The server I'm at 800 points without even beginning to build a base I'm going to attempt to place a bunch of mine. Oh I can only get one mine oh shoot ok that makes sense it is then d-dave all plays like a bunch in one side now we still on but, this looks like a priest who else I'll get all this look it up oh my god I could put up a mind here. Wait this is Toby this is so good let's play some. Mind we got all these Europe your voices no no can we now get all them at one no Jeff wait is it closer I, don't even know if we get just in the right spot oh my god yes yes when you're all. Of them at once it is so p oh my gosh one, of every resource guys this is such a good strategy if you can find the tree in a bush right next to each other you should, definitely plays a mine near it so this is definitely good spot I, want to farm here so I'm going to do is place a bunch of these wooden walls around me, I don't want robot anyone I don't want any visitors right now I'm not cheating as I'm playing solo of course so let me just plays a bunch of these wooden. Walls I can get up. To 20 was it's actually pretty good 20 wood walls so let's just make us very small conceal the base I don't want anyone messing with me I'm just going to place these I don't know, about spikes why do you have a lot of woods so that's time placing, these down the thing is people can steal this would so easily from. Me so that lag might get annoying i'm not really sure though let's just continue pushing me down now people are just attacking look at this this is a team right here Oh might. Now these guys are gonna try to take my. Base I don't know if they're teaming I'm gonna play spike ooh okay he's backing off he's backing off. There trying to wreck my babies they're definitely teaming they both came in at the same exact time that is so unfair now they're just taking my stop stop getting my stuff this is, mine it's my be my base mate don't get out get out of here get out of here it's got, to be an awfully annoying i'm just going to play some spike right here and hopefully we're, going to be good I want this like triangular farming right now this is so good i'm getting one of.

Every resource / hey when you play this game you are going to see these major teams and it does get annoying but, maybe one time we could do was a live stream of this game i'm not really. Sure but once again adds i am doing a mopey oestrogen with friday so make sure to join haven't notifications on and subscribe if, you haven't already know why I'm going to do I'm going to leave this a little spot, open I think this is a good opportunity to get some kills I'm just going to leave this spot open if someone, wants to fight me they can fight. Me they just have to go through that spot I don't want them wrecking the rest of my face and when they come in here I'm just going to basically places spike and hopefully they.

Die I think it's a pretty good time to start building these, windows to get mass points so we're just gonna build all of them right now my base is very big maybe I'm going to actually break. These and get a. Bigger area and what I'm gonna do is basically hover around my business I want to make sure no one's, attacking me I feel pretty secure I'm not gonna lie feel pretty good right now I feel like people can't really kill me, too easily and I ma Qing up I'm age 12 right now which is pretty decent what I'm actually gonna do is put a spike here just to protect my windmills I'm. Just gonna place a few spikes around them so if somebody. Tries to get greedy take my windmills then I'll have these spikes in the way so it's just another object for them to avoid more chaos in the area I. Don't want anyone, thinking they're gonna be able to kill me so this bug should that give me a decent amount of protection maybe I should open up my, base to more surface area that actually probably be the most intelligent thing to do right now so i am. Going to get rid of this these wooden barriers and now we have a lot more space to move around i'm just gonna. Place some hidden spikes like one right here it's not really hidden but it's kind of concealed but. You know he's trying to wreck my babies it's not even funny get out my way oh I gotta give myself a cookie I'm almost dead I'm, almost dead shoot shoot I gotta get the max house okay, that was scary he almost actually told me this guy I don't even know what he's doing in my base but. Now he's running so i guess i'll just run as well these guys in my face I think he's found. In my face you'll get out of here get out there we go another kill 100 points we're still getting a bunch of points. From nine windmills and we're on our way to number one on the leaderboards d rose 3.5 k number sorry Scott but this unknown guy, I'm gonna kill him I meant only, place this bike to wait though oh shoot ok ok we're fine we're fine he said he asked me that all we killed him we almost died oh my god though such a clutch hill I almost. Died right there I ain't my 5k points right, now this GG guys still attacking me can you back off oh my god i would have raged so much if i died right there i'm so happy about that one, we're going to play, some barriers once again and says are trying to break me down right now by england OGG stop it stop you're, dead you're dead don't even try you're dead there we go another to know I am really happy about that one, that guy was annoying me for too long completely harassing my base we're going, to go ahead and get another cookie in more good okay and I windmills are so strong I haven't lost a single. Windmill yet and let's just keep banging these wooden barriers okay what is this guy doing what is just got to him back off there we go we didn't even get.

A single hit of damage on their selves hey I.

Got a cookie there's another guy in my base why are people attacking me so much this is ridiculous pin equals. Team of God it's like you have to I all over again but I killed that guy's of. Course now I do need another window i'm not exactly sure where i want it i guess i'll place it like here that's, a pretty decent spot and thread you'll back off pred backed off oh my God he's completely, opening up my base I'm vulnerable right now but I am replacing these barriers oh I in the number one. Right now the number one guy died who was number one and now I am Number One yo we're going to kill that guy that we go 100 points scotch. On the rocks me as well we're just wrecking everyone I mean if you say there's, not much else we could do we're almost triple the points of the number two guy. And I guess has this keep building on my base there's really nothing I can do to. Build it up action I can only mean Tina at this point but because they added two more objects in the future because right now it's, not really that interesting actually gets your number one like it's still fun and stuff to get a high school of course and i am at tank. Head just took two more guys but um yeah you can add. Some stuff and make it even better right now I'm the biggest person in the server the biggest farmer in the server room I'll probably go for a. Really high score like 100k or something like that this weekend when. I have more time but right now I gotta edit this video get it up for you guys and you might homework and stuff like that you know all the basic. Stuff during the weeks bugs just be myself with cookie and yeah I think I'm just gonna end it here. So if you. Guys enjoyed this video if we should drop low example if you haven't already scrubs renew share this video if you want more content and oh my god all, these guys are just getting wrecked anyways thank you all for us for and i'll see you in my next video ki so .