Hey everybody I'm let's welcome to a brand-new i/o game called a mu mu 0 dot IO so this one instead of being a hack-and-slash game where you want to kill a bunch of other players this one, is more of a a base building game where you decide to build a base, look at this guy you can't even get me ha you build a base and, then you build these windmills like you see in the bottom corner here and as soon as you have those ways you're going to come get me as soon as you get, the windmills the windmills generate points so unknown up here has a huge base, and there's there's windmills everywhere that's what some people do is they just build windmills all over the map.

And then begin to destroy the windmill some people like to drizzle base up i did i do have a sword oh he's trying to be friends. And as soon as you can get your age which. Is in the bottom middle of the map you see there's age and that is your experience kind of it's kind of a weird system and, then there's a tech tree as soon as we hit age too we unlock up here so you can make a cookie, or we can make balls so this upgrades that and.

The stone wall upgrades a regular role so we're going to get cookies because if we get an invite then we want, two cookies two helos better the other ones do 10 in the cookies do 40 helps prepare it's kind of nice you want to find, like resource nodes like a minute right now where you where you can hit two with each swing, and there we leveled up to two and. We can make either a sword or a ex and the X gives you double resources as a sword just a really funny and get out of. Here get out of here dude your bad self away from me we can continue guys in Russia I like to get about 210 food ready. So we can we can constantly make cookies if we do get in a big battle and always having more wood is fantastic I, was good to have lots of.

Lots of wood all right I just leveled up to 4 and we can make the greater traps or, we can make faster windmills I like the faster windmills that gives those more points faster we're going to have to go make some points pretty soon but i'm gonna get that 210 food first unknown really but, I don't understand why some people do that anyway let's let's heal up I still need my 210, food especially since 815 more, and then I think we might go hunting for a little bit I'm not sure it seems like the leaderboard is. Gay ripped apart pretty quick I want to go see what unknowns base looks like because it's pretty big so that could be kind of fun has to. Have a lot of stuff in it I got my 210 food let's go hunting oh oh oh he's fun ok there's unknown unknown is just. If you start to, game with no name in it making you look let's go see if we can find this thing actually I tell you what harvest this for like an hour get a whole bunch of what youtube for, every swing which is fantastic now I, want to know because we can build up our own stone mine I want to know if I put this like close if I can get all three there's. A spot I can get all three and and oh I hit what oh they disappear after a while ok neat I could have, hit all three but I'm not going to, be actually going to put down a windmill somewhere I'll let that guy disappear this is my, each bed self away from me I'm gonna put down a windmill and we'll just kind of put these in the corner kind of hide them outside the, map a little bit if some people can come over here isn't active but will slowly be generating points to see, our points going up a three every tick and then I can just kind of get some points as I'm gathering some. More stone and we need to get more would know since I use that up high it wants to be my friend, I don't care, will be friends not going to build a base you can go on the other side dude are you going to betray my, friendship you gonna betrayed my friendship I don't really trust you I used your face I knew it yeah you're dead now hello hi you I hi crazy you my cats, meowing in the background there he is again huh Jana dan you want dance will be. Friends will be friends you little monster will be friends right friends yeah friends, get your bad stuff with dead hey this base well you know to your i don't i don't trust going through that looks like, my windmills are both destroyed 617 XP or leaderboard points whatever they. Are nobody else not making any more points that's too bad i kinda want to go hunting for more people leaderboards kind of low hunting for people is is good and very scary at the same time, we got about, 500 let's get to 500 trees yep there's 500 trees let's get a bunch more food too there we go i always like it when.

You get two views together yeah I need food tonight she don't let them get should I let him yeah I love them I need 300, 000 you stay away he did this anything remember his NATO's patty put a good Patti mayonnaise patty mayonnaise Eddie made it back oh, come back your patty you're gonna, hit the corner I'm gonna spread out a little bit you can't do nothing if he hit the corner aha earlier this may. Like Tristan boom boom Oh your record Justin Oh gasps got him does the double a double ho an'i now I might be able to take this corner for myself that's not a very, good corner though it's a little base going on what am, I going to sneak in and steal this guy's face Wow pretty nice one here yeah yeah back home dead need to get out of here well peace out peace. Out I'm out of here no don't go that's the steps that lesson, to be learned that do not go into, someone else's face and bed thing so I'm gonna happen I'm going to take this tree I think I don't know it's so hard to figure out where you want to put a base at I guess, so discogs you want you want all of the resources in your, base and I can't find them like there's one lonely little thing right there why it's these two guys this guy's got 300 points yeah that's my. Mind so yeah I've been around the whole map doesn't look, like there's anything good on the side I'm the biggest gang leader board let's go right here let's go right here we'll take will take up this will try to get a tree, in here like that oh yes. We're building a cool double debate we are building a base when you're building a base I don't know if I'd like to, do this we are building a base that's my song okay for let's try to put some windmills up get these, guys rolling in here try to make the money money make the money money you're the bestest. Base in blitz topia make booktopia grating it what about it what does this take I can it can, I only make you can only make five windmills whoa I don't know that hey I try to defend it up to like the best way I can ha ha ha right there, oh there we go. And now spread these out a little bit don't want nobody coming in my bait ain't nobody got time for coming to my base and we want that. Tree might want to distract him a little bit want that tree to be up in here there we go can we eat we sneaker but. Scooter nope nope we're good we're good we got a little bit of Defense on the side we're going. To defend the front, oh I can't quit the pen right like so and like like so again if somebody wants to come in and be my friend then I will let them hi gonna be my friend, may be my friend hey hello welcome to my base let's get a bunny they just fight spawn in the base, weird those are unintentional weight, I built this can we only feel we ought oh I can't I don't have any more beauty I unknown I'm cool I'm cool with this, weekend we can have a friendship long is this is a nice friendship come in here I'm gonna play more texts and I not place this down 01 of one it's already up. Shoots on the other side of the map I might have to take a trip over there. To get it this. Is a 6 of 10 okay and we have six of 20 all right there you go unknown i like unknown where he's friendly to me here we go fer place down for more of these, things get a nice little face up and rolling in here it's nice oh nice the base up. In the business so we're all going to be friends now that's is that the story oh look at this guy he's got a, rock that's cool where this dude coming in you hack that you're dead, you know that right a oh yeah yeah you're good you can come, in here be our friends will be friends just making more trees risky always trying to get apple yeah you're, free to your free to come and go as long as you're friendly here if you start smashing on. Our walls will take you out I think I can build two more of these I'm going to put one right here they're so it's like I'm free to come and go into my, little base and other people might be injured haha. Oh Yvonne just got hit Tommy come in weather is fine oh that dudes gonna kill himself so, no ha ha ha ha here what half of our base oh dude this is not cool cool brah not cool bro ok dead oh it was almost dead I was almost dead Tommy, no rough what are you doing bro no thank you hi vicious vicious yet you were cool like we'll be friends, spiral in circles until everyone, that we're good that's when I killed my buddy from running on the trap here come here but like this see we'll. Build back to this way mobile make blitz topia great against Tommy yeah you're learning you're learning there you go. Here you go quick you get 12 Lewis come on you can do it to. Your friendly just you guys gotta make windmills oh there you go put it down this is it then we'll there you go we don't want we're not–we're night we're going, to take a rate of the back door there see now we're good, everything's fine how many I can make seven more okay guys make traps make windmills and we're all good like. Things would be great oh he found a hole Tommy found a hole okay I'll patch it buddy I'll. Patch it here I'll catch this don't worry unknown oh hello you you attacked my buddy lewis not allowed not allowed to attack do it come on in come on in, what is fine get work we're cool well cool unknown. The fortunes of blood Sophia is welcoming to all unless you try to kill somebody. And you're done you're done though you got her back up there goes please please gonna die by one two three how are you gonna get a patch that's.

A good thinking right there I wouldn't let anyone in Oh Tommy almost died here's the second my traps wait a minute how did he sneak, out of there how did you sneak out of here are you're kidding me can't allow that not. In blitz topia Oh Lois coming in buddy unknown you dudes messing up my base you cannot attack portrait Oh is he is in, we're not allowing you to come in yeah I guess that's fine we'll, keep that as a trade secret so our fortress of bliss copia only needs one thing and. That's the stone deposit oh you know attack that wall what we accept, on here we're friends come on in you're gonna die in my place gonna die my spike you're gonna die much like uh huh come on in come on we're we're friends here okay. Uh knows like Matt not allowed in buddy we need to go get my yeah go inside go inside we're, welcoming here we need to go get my what's it called the mind thing I'm gonna do it I'm gonna make the trip out, you guys be safe oh I need I need to go get my. Mind because we can only place one down oh that's way over here we. Might die in the wild but to make blips topia great again we have to hold they came down here okay. They're actually using it so it might go away pretty soon oh I didn't realize but still feels, right here right next to where the mine was oh yeah I want complace the mine inside Lewis place it in here buddy come on live it place the mine in like this don't be, a great yes come. On buddy um come on in don't die please don't die don't get trap oh no like you, can make it Lewis are you gonna be oh come on Lewis you got this oh no no it's died no, support fella hi Tommy how are you we're friends here we can block up the wall yeah Tommy's got it EA Tommy yes the Blitz. Tophian Empire is great now I expect them that they'll make plenty of more windows up in the business I can make one more spectrum where do I, want that let's go build it right out here we'll build spike trap right here man there is a mess out, here Maddie's everybody up in, them up and hurting each other up in her how did he sneak through Tommy you big cheater face tell me get back inside I'll dude you should put these blocks outside cuz it's getting getting cramped in. Here not gonna lie they can't talk to you, you guys should also be building windmills you get points Tommy has stepped it up and he has made the secondary wall it'd still be, a guy it is time for you to make your. Windmills is she even I can even watch them ruin milk I will I will be defensive list we both stand at the gates of the topia and now we'll show it to her except. For Tommy and whatever that guy's name is not me mata sure him we're doing. It nobody shall that you shall go anything okay let's go yeah in a, cookie buddy yeah you too I fully agree with you some of it it's like this time every day she comes in yells at me I do not. Understand why oh dude gos killing, yeah there we go we're all friends here guys make the window like seriously these are windows make them you get. Points and then you can we can be the best best there ever was actually this is a really strong base yay he's got a windmill, no put it down more texts you've you've done bad things to bliss topia do not do this do not do it unknown is bringing peace offerings. Of apples welcome you can tell is all are welcome for, the friends of list o piya come on in I looked at aside oh you gotta. Gotta hit by them yeah that's kind of a weird feeling like standing outside a big big fortress like this oh oh now we're shutting down for service ain't. Nobody allowed in here we shall not leave oh great a dude that's, kind of that's a bit of a problem but we're all right I guess we, sit here forever I'm going to make it I think 10,000 points and at that point we're just going maybe just in the video I don't know what will happen out there, just disconnected we lost we lost some of its topia oh no, well that's okay it's all right at least we got our door open again just disconnected a do you. Want to come and be our friends I don't know if we should let you a single letter yeah whatever you can come in everybody's welcome to miss Sophia come, on in that's your in Trojan horse then you will not be accepted there's a whole bunch of little people are. Gonna jump out of you mm-hmm not acceptable hey unknown just bonded oh. Oh you're done okay he's all right are you gonna die my block did I get points for that I think I did you know. Coming you don't spot into bliss copia and attack somebody else then equals team mmm that seems like. A traitor's name maybe yes you get you are welcome, the gates are open you stand on my traps please I'm gonna fortify the side of the pond on just died on my traps again that's a, really really good way to get a lot of points for people just running in my trap come on in unknown come. On in go ahead and place your windmill down to the back corner everything, will be fine taken care of good job oh you're dying on my traps oh no I love that I don't know why that's so funny to. Me they just walked into my spikes and gets blasted we almost hit 10,000 points. Now I feel like it like now inside of my base unless I get siege by everyone on the server we'd be pretty pretty comfortable I kind of, want to just go out like we're gonna hit 10,000 I want to go. Out in an attack still ready can't tell I can't tell who's a good unknown and who the bad unknowns are I just don't know I don't know I. Don't know hehe spinning slowly are you the gatekeeper there's Tommy oh we've hit 10,000 we have it 10,000 coins I want to keep, going but I think I'm not going, to I don't know should we go on a big hunting trip I wish I could talk to him but there's no there's no texting in this. Game hmm because I know once I disconnect all these guys gonna lose the portraits of liftopia which is not too fun, but it's a really nice face look at that we did we, don't really really good but yeah there's nothing else like the game is out of content where's definitely the top of the leaderboard Oh who's. That coming in Oh No Go Go. He was coming to seek refuge he was taking refuge in blood Sophia you shall not pass you come in here you will die the death of a mighty death this is just a really nice base I. Might let it go. For a little while longer there's Charlie Oh Charlie are you gonna walk into my trap nope the guys bond inside the base you are not welcome here, hey there goes unknown he's got another mine I still can't fill the mine because mine is, over in the corner over here I might be able to go rescue it let's go look we're gonna look at it you guys take good care of the, portress it will be there oh boy so our rock. Is up here somewhere right there I know I don't want it I don't want any business I rock is up in their base and they've got a pretty good base to. You you guys are getting a lot of points bro. Legal huh you know what I need to be in my base why is that I just gotta barged in you didn't even ask I don't know, if I like that got a, really nice little base though I love it we're at 11,000 as long as nobody backstab me will be fine I kind of want to make a siege on the other bases Tommy. Protecting our trees that's a good. Tummy good work cow me Oh somebody just died we just lost a little bit of our base not a problem though I think I think we're going to do it we've hit 12,000 we're going, to take an adventure we're going to go, hunting and I'll let these guys keep going because we're going to disconnect here and a little bit been recording for long enough so we're just going.

To go hunting we're gonna see if anyone and die there's a whole bunch of people haha we're a hunting we're hunting did. Anyone left okay I'm so scared I don't want to leave my face I just don't, want to leave the face here's this guy will take him out quick oh you know what if you go, this way there's only one place to go into the fiery gossip, list o piya Dominator let me in really gonna come in here come in my bait yeah oh there's, the receding there's cg we're taking them out there Sarah hi uh-huh this guy right here you're getting messed up hmm oh we're done that'll.

Do it well guys that is it for moo moo I oh if you like the game.

Let me know I kind of want to do another another video of only attacking like sword only challenge something. Like that see how many points we can get I had a lot of fun really cool little game go check it out a muumuu I oh and keep your stick on the ice, okay you. You .