Someone windmills are here oh this guy's Oh yep into that guy what's going on guys drag ass here and welcome back to another i/o game today we're playing, a new one called moo moo I oh now this one seems pretty interesting basically it's like a survival game mixed with an i/o game. You're supposed to gather you're supposed to actually build your own little village and you get, points based off of that village so we're gonna get right into it here and see how it is now we are currently age, one as you can see see people whacking on a fruit Bush over there that's how you get food, aww if you need stone you whack on stones. If you need would you walk on wood and then later on actually over here this is what you're supposed to, build so this is a village so and so when it comes to you know I Oh game so you got these windmills over here that's how.

You earn points by the windmills and you can see this. Looks like it's a pretty big team over here working together to build a pretty impressive Bay sorry i'm going to leave. Because they're gonna attack me and i don't really trust them so we're going to try and do something like that today. I'm going to go out on my own though a lot of teams everywhere so yes this is kind of like, a team focus io game i'm going to grab a little bit of food here just in case, i need to heal when people attack me oh you Hey okay I i I'm just here to get food man I'm just here to get food I stay on the safety. Zone and I'm about to have my birthday there we go age too so this is all kind of the level up system you. Can choose what you want to upgrade so right now I can upgrade my. Food to a cookie i think the apple yeah. Restore 20 health the cookie restores 40 health or i can do the stone wall which it provides improved protection for your farm i think i'm going to, do the cookie right now there's a lot of aggressive people around as you seek, they're whacking each other so yeah definitely need that cookie just in case people decide, to get aggressive here so yeah that's a start we'll get the level up a little bit so just a little bit of a grind right, now who this will actually be a good spot I can do two at once over here and this is going to let me up Isis fast because. I'm hitting two things at once so there we go I have leveled up this guy I don't trust you. You bastard on now we got to choose our weapon we, gotta do the great acts which is for resource gathering or we can do the short sword which is improved, attack speed for fighting i think i'm going to the short-sword just in case here because i don't want to screw with anybody oh this guy wants, to fight I will fight you buddy okay yeah you get from he get so aggressive the moment he. Gets hit he runs away yeah this is not going to go well for you. Buddy and everybody is going to think I'm being the asshole here but this guy this is the guy that, started it come on baby come on i just i really wish i had a bow right about. Now oh you are in such close range why you be not eating i guess he doesn't have food on. Them oh yeah there we go and i leveled up so I killed my first guy, to be fair he deserved it and I can upgrade either my windmills or my spikes which we haven't even got into yet are the windows are how you earn points in this game. So we're going to do windmills because I do want to set, up a base later on I'm just kind of gathering right now and trying to get as much loot as possible well still kind of safe around here yes there, we go i just got, to they just started to fight and i decided to be a little aggressive cuz it's a really good spot yeah i got a lot of food and stone right now i'm going to have to go actually i, wonder. If these two trees because i hit both at the same time that would be amazing if i could unfortunately I think they're just, out of range where you can hit both at the same time over here though we should be able to, get even more food and trees as well so oh yeah there we go there's the fine spot okay and I've just been grinding. Till level 10 I'll hey look it's blitz beside me I doubt it's the real blitz but yes we got another guy over here i'm actually really. Liking this spot right here so i might actually you know what let's try something, here I've never used the mine so if we put a mind like right beside this like that and I actually oh can I hit. All three look if we're getting all three resources so. I'd like this spot I think we're gonna go get the white get away from me pitbull alright he seems to be a little faster than me so we're gonna let him go. But I this is going to be my zone now, as you can see I can hit all three at once this is going to level me up really really quickly so what, we're I want to do is put these wood walls all around this thing pitbull is still around here being a little douche bag so let's put that. There we're just going to have to kind of hide out in this thing, so we should have enough resources to do a little bit of a safety zone. Here and yeah basically this is how villages work you put up the wood walls and, you can even put up spikes with you on how much are these worth twenty and, five stone or just 15 would i'm not i'm not here to damage people i'm just here to make myself safe so get away from me sir you get away from. This area alright i have a lot of asshole neighbors here we got to sky better not him like forward I will fight you. Guys if you guys get too close get away from here pitbull this, guy it's been around me the whole time and he just keeps randomly attacking me like an asshole, and as you can see other people are attacking each other it's a little crazy around here and that's why I feel like I need a. Door so you know what I might keep this open I like the fact that. I can maybe block people off them over here and what we're. Gonna do is put some windmills right over here oh okay i'm not i'm not gonna be aggressive to these guys I'm. Just gonna make my own little place i'll put another windmill here all right get the away because you guys you're a way to close. To my door here all right this guy you know you're pissing me. Off go away from my foot get out of my freaking face this guy did you break my okay I don't think he broke that I'm not going to be too aggressive there's a lot of. People around here and they can gang up on me. If they want but there we go we got three windmills I'm slowly learning point you can see I'm already on the leaderboard here oh my god these guys are scaring me, though okay I'm just I'm just gonna go back to mining damn it oh you get the . Up nobody goes, into my base everybody thinks I'm nice to them I'm not here to see with anybody I'm just trying to you know. Live my life all right it seems like pitbull is joining with my base you know what I think I'll team with people I'm totally fine with that I'm going to build. This a little bigger as long as pitbull isn't a little, douche bag you motherer get them get away from damaging my place these guys are asshole ok we're going to wall, off another place hehe try think he's trying to team with me I think that means team not gonna happen so we're, just going to go back into here I feel a little safe in here so we should be ok GD no I I don't want a, team with you get the away yeah that's right get out bitch go all right this.

Guy wants to be aggressive I I'm Nigel chase GD off here this is my base all right I think we're okay me and pitbull if somehow teamed this. Guy, wants team know thanks buddy you're just gonna die there you go I blips is on my front door off with your you're not allow my god.

I'm attacking everybody except pitbull this is great and we're going to kick this other guy, out all right he is around my base okay can I put down my other windmills maybe am I do I just not have enough uh-oh, i only have twenty-two would okay so i do, need some woods in my base just okay i think yeah pitbull just died because my base just went to here so I'm gonna have to fill that in. Later on but I got to get some wood right now, so we got to do some more gathering here currently second on the leaderboard somehow I don't think we're going to, get the first that's 15 points 7 k away so we'll see how we can do here I'm just going to get a little bit of wood actually I need a lot of. Wood now considering i need to build my fence once again because, pitbull decided to die looks like unknown wants to help me out it's kind of adorable I won't know people just want to seem in this game I didn't really want. To put that there though so I don't know I might have to actually destroy him okay well, I have unintentionally been blocked in here looks like people are joining this is going on what does this face guy doing is he. Just trying to lock himself in there you know what I'm fine with it as long as, you guys don't attack me, I think well we'll get along just fine ok I have room for one more wit you know what can I put them right beside each other like this no I can't I can. Get them pretty close though and maybe just maybe can I put my, fifth one in here yeah I'm just stuck in here people keep building around me so you know what I'm just going, to wait it out looks like they're fighting over there oh oh this guy you even want to be dead. Get the away this is my zone bitch ok. This guy is clearly being an asshole I'm you know what I'm coming out I'm coming out bitch I'm coming out oh god he almost killed me alright spam that he'll, button okay this is a healing war thankfully I got a lot of food so this is gonna be fun oh don't be are you serious ah, well clearly I. Didn't spam my food good enough all right let's try it one more time here this is a fun game man all right we're in a really, good zone right at the start so let's just gather once again and, see how high we can get maybe just maybe we can get the first on the leaderboard okay guys I think I have, spotted ranked 1 on the leaderboard he is right above me this is his base over here you can see yeah that's him GG top of the leaderboard I think my goal. Is going to be to take that motherer down so I'm going to get, some food right now because I know I'm going to need to fight him but if I could take down a 17-point 6k. Guy I think this should be okay let's just pretend now let's. Just pretend we're friends i'm just going to come close to them and i'm gonna make them think you know. We're allies here but it's not going to happen okay should i go for it i don't know if i. Should go for it cuz he's got allies here too i think GD is his ally so I do have, to worry about that but I gone I should have enough food now I think it's a cost 15 / heal I'm just gonna ok this guy you, being a little aggressive what why would you kill Kevin why why would you, do that he was being nice these motherers all right it's so okay I'm going for it, I'm going for a let's do it let's do it here we go oh no what the okay unfortunately I accidentally click the tab on my damn chromecast. Bar and I opened up a new webpage so I totally. Lost that right after killing them but the fact is as you can see on the leaderboard we, killed the big bastard we got rid of them so now maybe we can make it to the top spot I don't think that's going to happen but I just want. To be aggressive now that's so fun you know other people's trust is a totally screwing. Them I know that sounds bad but in gaming form it is the funnest thing ah right here's another good spot so I got enough to get Mike, Stone once again can I, cut it right in the middle that would have been great if I could but I think if I put it yeah there we go, right there we can hit all three once again we're going to, do a little bit of grinding here I'm going to make a base once again but I kind of want to go for the top you take ten being a hit man is, clearly fun in this game but yeah I think we. Should make a base and try and get to that top spot now that we got a real alright so I'm going to build around this again I guess you know what will. I'm not going to build a very big place I don't want to you know stand out like a sore thumb so we're, just going to build. This just a little bit not too much just around here so I have enough place to put hopefully five windmills and then I. Can just stand there and whack the trees once again hopefully I don't get too many neighbors, this time and look at all the people they're flocking and you motherer get the er why are you guys attacking I, don't mind you hitting my damn crops but don't hit my damn walls all right we got enough for another windmill there we go, we might actually have enough space in here it's gonna be pretty tight but I think we should be okay and at least we're earning lots of food so, if anybody does get in we can attack them you can see they're, pretty aggressive out there I'm kind of glad I'm in here look a little unknown he's actually spiking off my place right now it's, so nice being in an i/o. Game and people actually wanting to team with you it's very odd now that being said once I get all my five windmills down I'm going to tear some up because you earn points. For killing people too so once we get to 160 what I think that is all, we need to get all five of my windmills this should be just enough space to do, all five of those windmills so this should work just fine so I'm going to put a windmill right over here. Oh this is bad I am such a target right now probably because of all my windmills can I oh man. Oh that was close he hit me he, didn't mean to I got a little too close this windmill unfortunately is in the way so I'm. Going to get out of my safety zone here and yeah I think I'm just going to continue to build here. And pretend i'm not going to attack these guys oh this guy this guy's wants to be aggressive get the out of here with your team and bull you're dead oh these guys oh my god the, leg know we're really bad time the leg really bad find the, leg okay thankfully all my windmills are down at least I've never actually experienced leg in this game so that's weird alright everybody has left. Me ok ok we can we go got some aggressive bastards oh my god the leg ok I gotta. Get back I'm going to be, so dead if I go out there with the leg every time I do well in an IO game. I get alright this guy he's kind of in my spot it's kind of bothering me tell you know what there. We go we're gonna kill this guy I feel so bad i did not know he did that much work but this at this point i needed to kill people it's gonna help me. With my score so yeah you kind of got to be a douche in this game to do well so let's just continue to build. Here i'm gonna go pack the gathering for, a little bit oh he is mad he is very mad okay you know what free points for me i'm totally fine with you being, mad get the hell away from here okay i have really pissed off unknown he keeps coming back trying. To destroy my stuff and it's not helping with this leg. Shadows in here now you're destroying my really okay dokay oh god oh god this is bad this is bad okay good rookie. You guys can take and i'm leaving screw you guys oh god oh god oh there's so many people there's still many people I'm just this leg this is so bad. Why is it so wet he now unknown is totally destroying all my I mean to be fair I probably, would you serve it he did work with me, and I totally screwed him over alright so we only got 11 mil here i'm going to leave. We still need to get some wood and i think i'm gonna build another, base here you can upgrade it to stone oh no he's just using mines as defenses that's actually smart because i don't think you can break those i just got rid of that guy, okay i am being very aggressive. Here this is actually maybe i could steal this spot I don't know who this is oh it's might be pit bulls you know what I'll. Be an asshole there we go got rid of that hold fort oh my. God people are way too trustworthy in this game we are going on an aggression spree right now ladies and gentlemen we're actually third right now without any windmill, so it's not going too bad okay i have made like I teamed, with this guy but you guys know I didn't I never team with anybody I'm going to put all my windmills in here though and yeah we'll just see what happens here so ah maybe maybe. I can join them, can I ok he's actually going to like me this is I don't think I'm going to this time guys this is this is going to go well ok I have gotten. All five of my windmills up so we're earning score once again. There's one guy way ahead of us though I still see unfortunately that 7k, right now but as you can see we're reinforcing this quite a bit so I'm going to actually help this guy out we're going to build a nice fortress here so hopefully we can have these five. Windmills up all the time all right so he's building over, there so I'm just going to build over here hopefully we can make this thick enough to where people you know what we don't even really need to get in, there so I'm going to maybe even block this off all right we'll just keep building this, up you can see oh my God he's going to spike the whole thing that's actually smart let's uh let's help out with that, we're going to spike this thing off. And yeah these things I mean they should be more or less oh. So yeah I'm gonna go out ah ok we got GD right beside assistance there's like clans in this game guys as where does that is there's clams at i/o gate and I, guess we're at the end of the game guys because we've reached max age now there's two ice delphi's there's I stealth and, I stealthy so i think i'm going to go out and try and get those guys we're. Just going to top this off once again i don't want to leave my teammate because we work so well together but i gotta, go find those stealthy guys so i think we're going to leave here I'm going. To leave my windmills there and we can see how we can do a hey buddy there, you go goodbye my friend oh yeah so you get 100 points for every kill too so it definitely is smart to actually kill people there we go we got. Another kill oh this game is just it's, great okay these guys you know what there we go we'll kill that one for ya I don't care I don't care. Either i'm going to kill yet no I'm not all right asd maybe we can get hell alright worse, on a killing spree now this guy's sitting here with no health at all for some reason he should probably eat you know what we'll put this, guy there we go good because I mean nobody is that defensive in this game and I don't get why someone windmills are here. All this guy's oh yeah into that guy Hickey okay well thanks for coming to. Me with no health buddy stuff over here, that's good strategy buddy okay it's probably eat I would be smart ah yeah I'm not gonna bug him I I'm just looking for the stealth guys all stealthy czar here i'm coming in i'm coming in, you bastards oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no yes there we go come. On, baby come on baby let's go get this guy oh my god this is a pretty intense fight come on baby come on yeah there we go yeah it's just food spamming no oh my god be, the top team i. Finally got me so we made it to second place again that was really fun it's a very simple I yo game right now but the. Whole building aspect is something that I've never seen an eye again and I really enjoy it so I hope you guys enjoyed this one once again this is. Obviously mu mu dot IO if you want to play it moo moo I, owe on your web browser and you can go have some fun it's always guys thanks for watching liking and I will see, you in the next one member .