Sup guys what's up and welcome back to another video today we're hopping back in an i/o game that I think. You guys are gonna love quick description collect resources around the map to build a frickin village where village building what I know so what we got to do is build. A village and we will get windmills these windmills will. Generate points over time but we have to protect them from other players so that's fizza I do that's helping to the game and well here you can see someone else, will go on the map real quick and oh okay cool. Yeah haha let you get some easy age age is kind of like our experience but as you can see cool windows windows we want to destroy these things because they get. Points for this oh I'm addict I'm addict I'm addict I'm. Addict always chasing me off you chase me up ah ok so the way this works is you can see. In the upper right hand corner you get points right now I'm just going to be using my ex here try to collect the stuff a little bit of food you can see that, that gets kept track of in the. Bottom right hand corner except it's cut off a little bit for me let's fix that there you go sorry about I don't know why that happened I'm using OBS and, this is back in my home computer, anyways as you can see here we are getting food as we hit to be bushes if we hit these giant trees we will start gathering wood everyone is trying to quick and. Kill each other god damn. It and then there also rocks scared about throughout so what the game plan is for us right now as you just want to kind of gather up a good amount of everything and you. Can see here age too when we hit h2 we actually unlock well we unlocked a little.

Something-something assange select items okay well I don't know what that means if I select that always so we can learn one of, the recipes at a time ok so yeah that's. What happens every time we level up at the top will be prompted what we. Want to do so cat it I kind of like that is like it's kind of small little like RPG element into it and kind of someone's fortification is started making anyways. And man is building now we're just going to be. Trying to gather up a little bit ago I like it it's like an IO game it's the closest io game we have to like a legitimate survival game and it's kind of really cool. Just watching these io game it is so good and holy crap that man is building up a lot of. Stuff I wonder if these guys are all on the same team I miss I miss collection I'm just, collecting miss you guys can show you guys can chill I'm just I just want. To get a little bit of stone here I don't see a lot of, stones around me hello it has a happy face checking i Texas no okay so for the most part respond to chill little chill. Little people here I'm just collecting stone and relaxed and I'm murdering nobody we're gonna try to get as much of this as we can hopefully we, should h3 spoon but like I was saying that when you kill people which I could probably kill that guy. If I wanted to Oh what's the foot oh you pick you dick I'm trying to go fug, for my own heart anyway this might be a perfect opportunity for us to actually use that food crafts up an apple and eat, it there you go so you can see we can actually crap things from that bottom menu and apples, and pretty much anything we use food on will restore health get out of here. Dude I'm just collecting I'm just collecting this okay now here you can see we get a great axe or, a short sword honestly a sword might be a good investment and you can see what the sword, we can actually still collect wood and everything but it could lose a little bit more attack range and cool your fall we can murder people, like that. Yeah I think we get points for killing things too anyways how do we got some resources why don't we expecting a little bit more on the woodside just how addict your Ashton really if you want. You want to come at me bro not yeah yeah stay away. Stay away I will murder you Jesus let's try to get up like 60 would let's try to get like 100 stone actually think they're, a little bit more stones around the area now and why don't we start trying to actually build our very first base because. Right now doesn't look like anyone's really conquering, too hard on the on the leaderboard so thank you perfect opportunity for us to start building you can see stone.

Walls which give us protection spikes which damage enemies if they touch them and windmills which actually get us, as a boon fast so we can do here is we got to try and keep those things alive so why don't we are trying to put down some of these yes. Yeah we'll start we'll begin placing oh no what's, the hell to get out of here die die I'm gonna kill you yeah what up what up what up what up oh yeah yeah. Don't mess with me grade a yokel bitch let's just exit building on kind of. Salty idyllic place this in a hurry to mess it up will try to fix that but you can see we do get a certain amount that we can use right there.

We're maxed out of 20 I don't know if that goes up as we play but either, way this is a great opportunity we have 50 would of 20 stone left why don't we place down our first windows we. Can actually put them down outside of the mass like of this and as we put these. Down we can only put down one we need more wood we're going to start building the space but you can see. We're starting to get points every second so right. Now it doesn't like there's that many actual farms going on because there's only. Farms are the ones who are getting points every second what up potty we cool we cool we're trying to age for right. Now and I'm just I'm scared that this man is going to come back with a vengeance you know and. Also they might be able to break our small stone walls so I do you want to start investing into spikes, which will damage people that touch them but first I kind of want in case the place and take things from there here, you can get greater spikes or a faster windmill why don't we get the faster windmill hell. Yeah okay now how do we party what are you doing what you doing are you helping are you trying to a tease I think it's cool okay if he says, so sure you know it will work together look at that, without even communication we have agreed to work together isn't that amazing i love it i love what I'm seeing is actually legitimately. Trying to house looks that line as a chat in this game or anything, mighty where a good person I like it I like it a lot most are actually fortifying, this place a little bit we want to protect it from people attacking it well things like spikes well actually do damage to them as they try to do that so here we're. Already starting to get into the base building aspect speaking, of that I need to find a stone to go to hopefully doesn't attack my women he's free the place down some windmills too but I always liked building the corners of maps. What up yo lo what up what up I billion. Corners of the master that already covers about half of your walls it's the upper wall on the left wall Yolo where you going me where. You going my way there's nothing I was helping us actually no clue no papi I remember what. Struck these let's give yourself more don't you dare attack potty I will kill you you're. Low I will I will harm you okay party is my man that guy is chill and we need a little bit more cell what a hottie, AAA you go deeper 100 would I need to get some stone and when I pop see what, else we chose to chill we cool we can we get. To that whatever you are equal people I gotta go get me if that's the cool thing feels that like you can have these kind. Of like just silent on lions no no bad are we trying to tag me, now oh no oh ok well capitals gotta die sorry dude hey we love them up a stop hitting my bass oh my god it's like he's keeping wanna die ok aunty onion help puppy. Puppy petite plus oh he didn't cook your you got you happy hottie he's attacking our base steve is odd, master patty patty, pay attention we need help us over oh no no no no after you gotta attack him please oh no he's not doing, oh don't tell me is about to start in my window near the trail and better master bastard well there you go see just blew up. Everything shuffle Stonewall you left those off surprisingly i see if you blow up my window i will be a. Salty salty camper I thing isn't some kind of weird ritual of sick man I don't know what he's trying to do we need, to talk back happy we kind of. Everything is gone hopefully levels up and actually does something better we're going a ton of wood at the thing is i, leveled up some wood walls so that's the thing we do much to me and I'm trying to put the tech or one window to dance a lot of times actually okay I, gotta go find some stone I. You guys it's a struggle and it's not a lot of stone okay here i don't know this was stolen or a stone wall either way. I'll take it also I just realized I don't have to click I can respond well now I'm feeling stupid okay the. Rest of that it gives me rakh diya way way way don't you dare attack me boy come on. Come on the trap me into stone but no I'll head back once I'd like a hundred stones do did you keep fightin I will fight you. I have a. Sword okay we both harvest this and be chill i think so we're gonna go up to a hundred stone we're gonna head back hopefully pass he hasn't betrayed oh now, he's still go this is got our window already on the leaderboard and if things keep on.

Build as long as we don't die that'll be really good okay we got h6 didn't learn any new. Recipes though I should probably eat all four hundred times done and hopefully we'll try to get a couple more was, fast your window grade a yoga I think I've already murdered you in the past so I'm sorry Spike's I feel like they can. Just tear down so I mean one investing those too much, hottie good stuff hockey good stuff this stuff I'm gonna keep on okay yeah we'll wait what do you mean happy and no clue what do you guys doing he's making a huge amount, of walls I know that okay so, I'm gonna try to pop down one more of these there you go beautiful faster windmill that's like way more points we're getting like two. And a half a second now yeah game two and half a sec cuz every two seconds 305 Mamma Mia I like that and sneaky assassin get, the hell out of here I swear to god they way stay away his name, sneaky assassin I don't know if I can trust this guy and well maybe I guess maybe but this is this is the most suspicious thing. Ever his. Name sneaky assassin but I guess Oh what's he upgraded to a greater axe well we're up to a three-man Brigade here okay you know this is going okay. Bucky I'll give you some room to harvest their buddy oh man who's that up there I'm prefer right.

Flag Duke 87 I do not believe that everyone here is friendly someone someone we're gonna be betrayed this is not going. To be looking good okay I mean I guess we haven't been betrayed yet so that's some good news I don't know are, people starting to put down their own win, move up here I thought I was gonna get boxed in here Jesus we do have a lot dude oh my lunch in this potty. I said I'm gonna get betrayed the last second there you going from there there's only one way in that boy potty don't boxes in potty bad idea though she's talking as, in no no speaking of sandals and. Killed really want to make you money in here but anyway oh we have an intruder intruder alert I'm not. Attacking him wait I took damage from that Oh what the I did not mean to do that hold on hold.

On help me patty no oh my god will be ba sneaky, assassin plis oh my God thank you thank you good man good man I need some food holy crap sneaky assassin I trust you. Although if he wanted assassinate me now would be the time buddy but he's back I. Love this crew oh my god sneaky assassin is a God well right now oh please no and it's also like a little bit of leg. That's one thing I'm scared he could honestly he wanted to kill me could kill me by now he's I trust him if, I'm not dead yet that was the best opportunity he had no chance of dying oh my god we can trust these people I like this I like this, so, much okay I'm gonna flop down another one of these are cancelled points on the leaderboard we're number three baby, we're number three money to stage an assault soon oh who is that guy would that guy who this new star food is mine allows you to mine stone Oh boom we need. To invest in a mine 21 in a hundred stone okay sneaky I will be back I'm. That I gotta build us a mine that's gonna be huge where you going thank you what is following me I'm nothing and. Murdered no he's coming out to harvest music I love this, look at that this is how awesome his games without even communicating all we do is spin our swords and circles and each helps me build my bases the sign of peace that's. Just I don't know that it's still awesome to me look at that all. Right I got the second place for a second fish yeah I'm kind of fluctuating the pink house neatly assassin is in second oh thank you about, wow I guess sneaky squirrel already up to age 72 this is the this is looking at mighty, fine if you ask me I just uh huh I can't get over this crew honestly it's such. A great everything okay there we, go we got a hundred stone that's what I needed if you give us a stone mind that we could actually work with Mira and holy that's a lot of people and a lot. Of murders every cool with any of them I don't know oh no oh we get lost come on come. Off come off sneaky I want one of us to get this too okay, Patti better not die back at home I'm kind of scared Chaz Burke just burped where you going broke a peep okay we good we ed out it. Buffed out okay oh hi I'm going but down a mine, in here hair and look at that literally inside go ahead sneaky place them bitches. All night long look at that we got a mind that we can actually harvest will be used to fold and beautiful stuff this is, going so great if you start flopping down more and more windmills we got. The resources oh man life is good i don't like you didn't begin play some outside the map it's also like the best thing you could do, yeah i'm mel posse we chill we chill look at it stays for up to and we're up to third place. Consistently and if we can get enough of these fast your window. We on we do have the one not fast windmill that kind of sucks that's going to be slowing everything down so those faster. Windows was a very good investment we need to get a little bit of wood. When you get some spikes I don't really hope I don't necessarily good party we get some spikes go cuz he don't block us in honest I, mean he if he wanted to he could legitimately block air now we need a berry bush couple sneaky assassin I feel like he wants to go. Out and kill that mu guy I don't know I think he's got a little something against. Him what do we need he was 60 would get this poppin I do think so yo yo. Yo yo yo I don't know if I trust you dude but I have the sword in the relationship I guess as, long as I don't hit them get so close to me if your dingus that's how you die okie move over for. A sec bud GD Daniel what are you doing Fitz roughs tower max amount of windmills at this point we just want to fortify, the place sneaky, are you doing I don't know it's nique he's up to anyways you can see the base that we have built and the fact. That it's amazing we have a mine inside of it the wood inside of it you literally don't have to step out of the actual base, oh what the hell unknown just got murdered oh my, god well I don't know how but we've managed to build one of the most prosperous oh my god I am lagging like, crazy ah potty I'm so sorry what's going on Patsy I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry let's frickin lag don't don't hurt party oh my god sneaky. Here's a sneaky asset oh I feel so bad party was helping that was lag I didn't want a pole I didn't want to. Hurt the poor guy well I guess it's only powerful, people now when we get a next level or actually I can get stuff out of our next level also Stonewall, let's uh definitely build those up oh no please I knew it I know not to trust that bastard no our great adventure that's what I get for being a trusting person, hockey destroy those things patty he betrayed you if. You're going to stay looking from east he's trying to form new alliances long that's going to go ahead and do it for, me for this episode 1 of a derp derp whats, the name moo moo I owe these things honestly the most random names damn right unknown destroy those things but I mean we got a high score of like 2,000, I'm pretty proud of that now that we kind of know what we're doing. We can make a party thanks for real what's that apparently is a way to build parties and potty I feel so bad party is getting murdered by everyone I've started it on accident, because stupid lag I don't know why it's like that, she's like AI o games sometimes just like but yeah if you guys want to. Check this out link will be in the description it's free to play it's a browser game I actually wonder if there might be an app for. It kind of some io games have apps but I know you guys like my plan I'll game every once, in a while if you guys want to see more make sure to let me know in the comments section and by hitting that. Like button those were always like, the two best ways to communicate something with me and honestly we had a great adventure that like that's my love about games like the Sood's like it's gotta build the story. We have the story of potty the great servant who I accidentally stabbed from pretty much the equivalent of tripping over the. Internet and we have the sneaky assassin who lived up to his goddamn name huh I don't know there's just there's so much. But yeah it's gonna go and do for me and also apparently there's a muumuu iOS on the Android app store so, I'm looking that up but as two stars so might be super ty and like a scam but who. Knows maybe it'll be a real thing real thing soon but that's going, to go ahead and wrap it up for me. Thank you guys the whole time for watch make sure you keep your eyes out for Duda look at this like this corners just a hot spot but yeah, I would recommend trying to build in corners you guys just because it, used up less resources and half of your possible angles like if you build in the open people can attach on for directions against the wall. Three directions in a corner two directions if you get enough reinforcements we didn't even really have a chance to to. Watch him call to get too many spikes going either and a lot of cool potentially but like I was, saying it's actually going to do for me thank you guys the whole time for watching through, one more let me know I'm going to try to stop repeating myself I just want to.

Tell you like everything I possibly can link in the description and let me know if you, want more blah blah blah have an awesome frickin saturday i'm actually on spring break now so you guys are enjoying it and there goes everything in this corner gone just like we're about to, be but i hope you guys are having a good saturday like the first day in my spring. Break so i am enjoying the hell out of it is so great relaxing and not having to worry about school so there in. A week i got to worry about school for like another month and a half but. After that hmm things are going to be good but yeah it's gonna do for me have yourself a fan freaking tastic date and i will talk, to you the next one you .