Nope don't you dare don't you dare nerd get way from here and everybody's after my stuff yeah come over here I dare you I dare you earth get out hello everybody I'm kindly Kenan welcome to.

A new i/o game called mu mu da yo don't. Let the name stop you here I know it's a weird name but it seems like a really really cool game it's not exactly your traditional io game you know oftentimes in i/o, games you run around and you beat up all the other players to try. And get more points to level up to get stronger to get better no this one is a little bit different because in this one, you actually collect resources you can see is collecting our would hear you actually get resources to build, things and basically build a base and make yourself stronger and then the point of the game is to build what's called, windmills basically you've got. These windmills which generates points over time and that's the way that you get on the leaderboard and you get stronger so it's actually a pretty cool system and you can, see we also just leveled up so that gauge down at the bottom, of the screen that you see our age is actually like our XP meter and you can see it going up as we mine and collect more resources and then as we level. Up we can select from. New items to create so i think i'm going to go with the Stonewall even though we don't have any stone yet that's kind of depressing but you can upgrade the existing abilities, that you have in those slots down at the bottom so as you can see we can use apples to restore our food. Or restore our health we can build stone walls.

We can build psyche like walls we can of course build the windmills which we have to do and then we. Can build a mind which I guess blow people up if they step on it which is actually pretty handy so I do want to try and get some, stone here because right now we are definitely lacking in the stone department of someone's basis over here and what, you'll probably find oh goodness no I don't want to mess with you guys what will probably find. Is that there will be several windmills inside of that face so that's my plan is basically to, build off a walled Tris and then build as many windmills.

As we can in set oh my goodness what in the world that is quite a fort you've got going on over there dude, all right well apparently i can't find stone there is no stone. In this game it doesn't exist that's that's my assumption all right here's some stone I'm worried that these guys are going to come after me they don't like me hanging out over, there okay here's this could be a mind though, oh man I just thought about that the mines look exactly the same as the stones that's how you trick people into stepping on them or hitting them oh goodness Wow okay I didn't, even think about that okay we leveled up again now, what do we get we can get a great acts which gathers resources at higher speed but lowers our overall speed or we can get ourselves a short sword which gives. Us better attack power but slower gathering man, that's a tough decision you know what let's go to the great X and get more resources because this is the only way that we're going to be able to build up, our base let's keep getting this stone okay I got myself about a hundred stone i got myself about a hundred,. Wood oh goodness hello hi hello Davey I just want to be friends I don't want to fight you please don't hurt me oh goodness I'm kind of scared I don't know where to build my. Base I want to start building my base here. Let's make a stone wall put oh gosh how do I can I cancel nope I can't cancel i can right click s for sure oh gosh my controls got all weird okay let's still, the stone wall like right here yeah let's let's start our. Our base do something like that there we go we got ourselves a little wall that's nice this, cozy can I build a windmill I would love to try out a windmill here so there we, go we're actually generating point now where is oh you can see our score in the lower left-hand corner there you go we're at they can squeeze through.

That which I just realized so not so much of a wall that I built for myself oh we.

Did level up to greater spikes damage M&E and less damages enemies when they touch them and then faster windmill so we get, faster more point generation let's get greater spikes I know that, we do need to get more points eventually but for right now I just want to build myself a nice little base to hang out in look for getting point look Rob, we were on the leaderboard for like half a second that was fun alright so i think i. Want to try getting some of these greater spikes and. Just dropping them kind of in between these gaps can I do like that okay there we go that's.

What I'm talking about alright and then I'll put one like over here like that so no more squeezing through that yeah I'd area i dono we're getting attacked guy use our base. Is being attacked I don't I don't, know what to do oh no he's coming for me no no no get away hey man get away oh he's taking out. My windmill that's the real bummer well it looks like, we're gonna have to start over we lost our windmill so that guy's a jerk alright we just leveled up to age 6 so that's pretty cool oh no no stay away from me day went from me get away. GD millennia smooth Molina whoever you are if that's your real name build myself another base. Down here in the corner she's gonna set up some stone walls here like that I'm so low barrier connecting these these two trees. Basically. Something something to be real happy with oh I don't have enough stone anymore okay I need to get more stone this is stone right yes this is lovely okay I don't like the way this guy is hitting, that spiky thing you know what I'm gonna build myself a spiky, thing get it get away from me get away from me oh no no no no no no no no, we killed me unknown i was killed by unknown i didn't know how to eat my food. Okay it's fine let's jump into it again all right we got to start over this is a sad day for us but it's okay we'll get through this I'm going, to get myself like a, hundred stone to start off and probably a hundred would and maybe grab some food along the way all right, I got a hundred stone now let's get ourselves some more would definitely need that stuff I like that this guy's name, is peaceful nice just build himself a little house nobody will bother a guy named peaceful right don't bother him he's just he's living in teeth. He's living out his life you don't have to Oh felipao I don't like that guy I don't like him the swords look, like giant bats they look like, thugs running around I just wanted to beat you up I don't like it all right let's get the more the quicker resource gathering I like the function of that I just don't love the fact that. It makes me slower and that the dudes with the swords can take me out so quickly that's that's, a scary proposition but I feel like it's the best way to, keep getting resources and be able to actually build a decent fort for ourselves so that. We can feel safe with all of our windmills are you the one who killed me because if you are I'll come after. You I will get you let's get the faster windmills the spikes didn't do a lot for us, so I'm going to get the faster windmill I feel like we have enough resources to at least get our base started so what I'm going to do is try. And find a spot just a decent spot for us to kind of hang out let's uh yeah yeah yeah this is good, this is good yeah let's do this we'll go like that well plop one of those guys down I'm gonna,, plop one of these guys oh gosh no gosh why would you do that I was so innocent I wasn't even doing anything I was minding my own business and that guy comes, over and clubs me that is not cool all right well here we go again starting over from the bottom but you know what this time, I think I'm actually going to get the sword upgrade because i feel like i keep getting killed by, dudes with swords it's the guys with the swords that are chasing me and forcing my hand into getting a sword. So i'm going to get a sword i also got. The cookie upgrade this time so we can get our health back a little bit quicker and it seems like the wood walls are just fine to do we need, stone to make those know you only need. Wood so maybe it's better that we just build the walls out of wood instead. Of out of stone they're cheaper that way I mean they're probably a lot weaker but at least they're, cheaper stay away from me Evie stay away just mind your own business thank you go find some stone here's some stone yeah let's do this all right we're almost, to the sword upgrade which I appreciate I like the idea of having that ok here we go we got our sword yes gathering, resources is slower actually seems like gathering resources is, exactly the same as it used to be.we mind at the same exact speed and we get the same amount, however now we can actually hurt other people who chased us down listen I'm not looking for a fight I just want to defend myself so this seems like an actually pretty good spot, for us to start our little base so let's set down maybe something. Like that and then we'll put like a dude down like that and can we put another one of these things yeah I think we can, make another one so we'll put something, like like this come on come on there we go okay that looks pretty good and like that oh wait oh hey oh there we go and then like that there. We go okay that's pretty good i like that start we're going to. Build ourselves a windmill hear that guy's name is zero i thought that it was just an. Eyeball floating above his head it's the same as 0 or 0 or something but I like the idea of him just being a floating eyeball alright we're going to get the. Faster windmill upgrade we're going to do that hey what do you hey hey hey get away get away get. Away from my base, get away from my face get a one-way from my face you big bully the eyeball man is chasing is taking out my face okay let's set up look can we get a a windmill here, and I set up a windmill. Why can't I set up a windmill I need more wood I gotta get more wood okay here we go here we go now we're going to get this thing set up okay so let's, let's set up a windmill right there and then just kind. Of hang out around here try to keep it nice and safe oh that was my wall I just knocked down my, own wall that was real dumb let's just try and defend don't you dare don't you dare GD Philippi may why are you going after, my my my walls my walls man oh man. All these people are after my stuff what are you doing what are you doing get away from me okay yeah, stay back I'm an angry little circle dude we're going to build another windmill we're going, to set ourselves up another windmill right here now I wish that the windmills actually provided you some kind of resources that you could use because it feels like you just kind of got a, got to go back and get away from my. Stuff get away from my windmills yeah back off back off dude back off thank hey nah nope nope get away get away get away from mine windmills gosh I don't, like that guy I like the way he's looking at, my window look at us we're actually getting points where on the leaderboard we're on 8th place that's amazing that get don't you dare don't you even think about. It man here you. Know what two can play that way look at that huh look at that yeah I can put down I can put it down oh gosh oh no he ought no get away. From my windmill big bully this guy this guy this guy needs to get out of here get out, no you you jerk you big bully man oh my goodness you took out my windmills you, know what fine you can have my windmills I didn't like them anyways I'm leaving I didn't like them anyways I actually, really liked them look I was in I'm in third place how am I in how am I in third place, i'm barely even doing anything you know what I'll take it I'll accept it I'm just going to, gather my resources and that guy he had some interesting tactics. They were actually pretty effective he was placing those spiky things all over the place oh is that him again is that him I don't I, don't want to fight I don't look like these guys nope get these guys are just they're dirt and painting on my on my peaceful, life alright let's set up a windmill press that one up like right here and this guy is probably going to come after it, because he's a big old bully just do something like that and like, that come at me come at me I dare you yeah that's what I thought no don't you dare don't you scared nerd get weight from here and everybody's after my, stuff yeah come over here I dare you I dare, you earn get out stay way I'm gonna kill him I almost killed him I almost I almost ended his life and I would have felt okay about it, don't even don't even hey wait just stay away from my windmill. Man why is everybody always after my windmill okay Wow we survived oh my goodness that was a. Little that was a little harrowing right there I thought we were going to die. How are we turning these apples into cookies I also want to know how that happened but I'm okay with it let's. Just keep doing what we're doing it many spices we can this is kind of intense it's very very difficult to try. And defend your stuff quickly and effectively when everybody's got pretty much the same exact abilities you know I mean it definitely levels the playing field but man trying to keep your, stuff safe on two different fronts you know if you have. Dudes coming in from the left and dudes coming in. From the right it's a little overwhelming there's a lot to a lot to kind of manage their okay let's see can I build I'm going to build a windmill like over here just because I don't want it, to be too close to the other one although though hey get away get away yeah nice you got. Another dude did actually give us points. I don't know if killing the other guys gives you points it could it could I could be completely overlooking that that portion of the game but yeah, we're actually generating a decent amount of points right now, I wonder if our windmill is still doing okay you should probably build your windmills all together but then at the same time it's, like man if I put all my windmills together and like a raid party comes I'm done I'm done for there's no way you can't defend yourself. Against a lot of people at the same time and also if you build it, too big you know you're going to draw a lot of attention and maybe that attention isn't exactly wanted I don't know there's a lot of stuff going on. Here there's a lot of stuff that you got to think about but we are age seven, so we're a seven-year-old it off in the world, defending ourselves against dudes with swords and hammers and trying to take out our beautiful little windmills I have, no stone around here this is a very difficult situation to be in because my windmills are all kind of by themselves although they're doing okay but i. Have no stone to collect around here this is kind of, a tricky situation for me i don't want to leave too far away from my windmills oh wait there's, some stone that's actually a pretty good spot for some stone so let's get that let's try and collect some stone without letting our are windmills die there's no there's nothing that tells you if, your windmill is dying or not other than your score generator. Like it'll it'll just kind of go away won't it there we go yeah that's the way to do it, that's the way to do it oh man that was too perfect he ran right into my psyche wall it was a beautiful, thing it was a very very nice little thing that's happened right there i'm happy with the situation okay did we stop generating points no we're. Still generating points and we're in fourth place i'm pretty okay with this, I'll tell you what why don't we sit down a little windmill right there maybe this is the way to do it maybe you just set windmills all over the., Map so that you've got them spread all over this oh no our windmill got taken out our windmill definitely got taken out yep it sure did whoo that's a sad day, for me okay hmm all right well at least we got a decent amounts we're in third place where actually okay yeah, we're in third place we were in second for a second second for a second but then it went away whoever is, in first this is something.

Or other then like something is it has seven point six thousand points which is absurd that's a lot of points don't you dare spin to team get. Out of here get away from my windmill I saw the way he was looking at my window I, didn't like it all right I'm gonna build myself another windmill right there that's pretty. Good and actually if I get enough wood here i'll probably get a third windmill if this guy kicked this guy just like the fish he was the guy who was in first now. He's not now he's in not first he got killed he must have gotten taken out by some kind of. Raid party some kind of army of MooMoo specialists took him.

Down Wow okay I feel good about this I'm actually on my way to first place I'm in second that's pretty cool okay maybe I. Should set another windmill down I guess and maybe we should start how I don't know it's. So expensive there's so many resources involved in getting these things place I wonder if I should play some mind that, might be a fun thing to test out okay you know what I got to get a hundred stone to do, a mind as soon as I get a hundred stone, we're putting a mine down near are not like right in front of our windmills but somewhere around it and just see if it works well see if we can take, someone out with a mind that would be a beautiful thing hey bud hey you used to be in. First and you're not anymore oh goodness he's taken he's taking our era or windmill get out here no no no all right that was good that was. Good we taught him a lesson okay I think. We have enough for a mine yeah so let's set it like right here oh man that is so tempting who wouldn't want to run over there. And grab that thing hey get out of here Circle, man dick get away from my windmill dude get step on my mind step on my. Mind I dare you yes all right that's what you get for killing my windmill you big bully all right let's get some more stone, going here we used up all our stone building that mind but it's worth it if when steps, on it I would love to see someone step on it and we are almost 10 years old Wow we're all grown up now all, right age 10 we are getting upgrades anymore which is a little disappointing I wish that there was, more upgrades in this game I'm sure that it will get developed and that more will be added down, the line but man I really wish that you could get some more upgrades as you, leveled up don't you don't stop it stop it stop stop oh oh no oh no oh gosh oh, Mme he's too strong he's too strong get him get him no we took out my windmill dude what a. Jerk Oh No okay well I am still in second place so I still feel good about that but man that's a real shame okay we need to build another. Windmill so I'm going to build it over here hoping. That this is a mine remember that's a mine right there so we're hoping that someone will go after it step into it step hit. It hit it man come on dude man no one's hit it yet which really aren't these guys all working together they've got some, kind of Alliance going on here this is this is, not cool I do see this GD thing along so a lot that GD thing is happening get out of here I there's a lot i'm looking at the the, leaderboards right now and there's a lot of dudes. With GD in their name so yeah there is like the GD alliance get out of here noob get away from my windmill yeah don't you touch my windmill yeah the GD alliance, they're coming after me look look GD with the brackets is. Getting pretty close to me here oh there's a GD there's the OGG d hey hey get get away get away. From my sock yeah you better run you better run I will crush you into a million little bit okay I'm gonna, let my windmills do their thing I'm gonna go exploring a little bit get. Some stone along the way a lot of see where DD goed not is I want to see what he's up to like where is, this guy where is this guy and what is he doing I'm not really worried about my windmills right now we can always rebuild windmills I want to do a little, bit of exploring I don't want to I don't want. To just set up my base and never leave that spot again because that's. Not fun let's get some action going on here I know that's not necessarily the point of the game but but it's the way I'm going to play it right now because I don't want it around. Right now, I want to go chop some heads off that sounds like fun top pond for it aight pond Furyk eb. Where are you going ok bye easy all right s is over here just kind of beaten up a rock I'm gonna help him beat up, this rock we're gonna beat up this rock together you know I like us you seem like a pretty cool dude I'm just gonna let you keep doing what you do. Oh my goodness Stephen holy moly he's got himself of impenetrable fortress here this is incredible this. Is very impressive I'm quite impressed Stephen yeah come come on come on that's why I. Thought that's why I thought come on Stephen come at me Stephen okay we're gonna we're gonna try and. Oh oh oh no I didn't eat the cookie quick enough oh my goodness I was trying to end the reign of Stephen he had too many good. Things going on here that was. A really really brilliant thing that he had set up there but very impressive Stephen that is a tactic that we need to adopt but. Anyways guys that's going to do it for this episode of moo moo I oh, I hope you enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit that like button and of course if you'd like to see more of my videos you can hit that subscribe button but otherwise thank you, for watching and I'll see you guys next time you .