Good day and welcome to worm is yeswe're back and we're going to slow their io are the lag and non-existentnon-existent have a smaller world suppose smoothies bari gonna lie i'malready a pretty big one I've been. Talking to me segments i'm onscore 2300 was less than 300 left that's really impressive how'd you get acentury before the few minutes of. Just lucky by and I've also upgraded my warmas i know you guys have was a. Big one changed only. Promise was 610 number forthis huge where is he he's a pig spine i can have a board I see him oh my god sweet buddy you're really youyet, i bet him always been i will so on . only on the rainbow guy got it baby mybait yeah how do you feel.

About slither Icompare it was ok it was fine as. Just a like a bright color well I'd don't like the background itwas a worse low-res and then he didn't like the worm either no. No I the worm isanother what you have to say to me well baby drop their whether we're paying onedouble bay see. That how about Dustoff masturbator yeah you could call me that no no I haveobvious some real football oh hello know soon, is only one piece of bitch oh it's being frenzied farzana friendsYour Honor I.

Got ed up by the feeding frenzy rushed in pools Russiangoing to you guys russian only format was me this over i need some time tolike a my energy up yeah. Yeah like I promise I'll just feeding off of thealbum. AE lava yet hard now you ask the pot black eye which aremade all make big collision is going on I'm. Causing some raucous is luckydestruction to RB I'm causing a blockade were miss blockade the lava, people are intimidated by myidea it's 12 is the game oh yeah make sure it's the game not thePhil the franchise's using the name, worms yeah so this is free on steam caseyou're wondering all motherer just got you I died he died andnow i'm. Chowing down on his body I died soon as they just because I'mnumber one push me out your number one, hell yeah it is nice to get are youwon't like what yeah how you, know but I can't see on the board is top top right oh I must be a different, world to youcan you ask you on your board soon as they say player 100 my guide no just some guy who just got a, bitchyour party have already been made a feast in I mean another thing I likeabout this game versus the otherwise it's, got a bangin tunes the bang inchiptunes really do is they'll have to add the music the last one people, like the music is good yes that'sright naturally in the game there's no it's not a game that was actually zerosound and also there's, not even any cells need stuff question have youplayed by at mobile app know of there is no it's atrocious is, really bad like, itis so hard to control but you try to run your finger out ride . wire at where areyou the top 10 no I don't you see Smith is where LouisLOL Italian I think you'd, mind calling guys I think this might be your game onnumber 9 make our shade overtaking me anytime anywhere anyplace big kills youcall . Our man this guy's a big bastard or blue boo to put a littlespring plays and talk a, little sprinkle a little sprint is just bull thatguy's big little guy yeah, actually going to pick a guy around just currentlyadmiring his, balls right now follow him why not i'm seeing some sexymotherer this one draw hello is very similar sized me we're comparing earth not be frightenedto the left whoa no, I couldn't get in time RPMed me homos a number on your thing just play out yet 1011like 48 yeah I. Need to I need some big kills allthere's a ball player though. I'm tiny worm guys in the big c whoa oh yes hegets a big place yeah yeah huge place nice plays make we're trying we're backin drop we get the drinks land for that man feed you. Too big I'm big and girth. You know we post suffers the RPM guys are one direct mr. his name is the RPM how it'snot really like some sort of status osterizer UCI language wriggles perminute but. With an r done w 00 eat motherer i'm somewhat bigger. One nowdied after i you i feel faster than you you bitch I'm not out here gonnagently, honest with different languages crew 277 killer no this number five on the boysdead my dad's I'm, trying to giant slayer is not going well you know gentle giantnominee you piece of rostro where are you don't you let, you just attackedyou oh you yeah i'll eat you but I little body no ididn't even better it wasn't a nice when everybody is, dick truck was missing area i'm talking before you try this number onesenator let's speed all black. Pike wrist right there and I have to fear stropabsolute pro let's get if you cross triangle I don't, really understand howthis game works because sometimes I feel like I. Hit my head and decided them andthey died i think is a hit . hitbox is what we think is yeah, haha yeah but ISmith hello hey we're going to same color youwould do you said you were going to be a different color. I said i was going to Ithought you said you're gonna be poisoned I said to me rainbow I'm brainversus the right we're gonna find it. Maybe we should all be rainbow appearedin my favorite TV show or a plan. Works really really hate didn't remember anyof the characters no zippy zippy zippy face watch a bunch though was the guythat bought together yeah we need to get burner burner, alkyl so why our main karti caught you got to two small red is already knowwhere i dead this is number two guys. This bitch ohcool these bitches I back takedown Roma all of you no one cares what, you get forit I them all up they realized therewasn't no longer for that one I'm oh I'm using to us boostthat's probably, as much my lord rama control and I, my god I'm so fast I wassure i'm checking out my body mass no no I'm you really do this versus the roadbody mass doesn't go, down as much all some chopped just died maybe his fame, time of the is oh yeah lucky the big play me to remember myother car when we get one two three third positions this guy's trying for meSmith trying to. I'm going your body is that your body don't please don't like flat have to nowit's the, only way just a little world every time I owe the.

Excitatory or God'sofc this guy you see him do you yeah sure dude he's a big girl that's methat's my, corpse is already to read your attitude is dead dad I'm interpositionmotherers nice aight may compensate Mary now bud I hit the wallthere, are daddy didn't tell which wall the turning circle the top wall-to-wallI'm going up with turning circles so slow and your big-city rpmi harvestedyou mean like you RPM, that were all that's rookie mistake guys know it don't like how you doin a lot grown 8inumber 10 now, I'm your position yeah are shot number one Romans here Isee the giant slabs. Far i can't be up here and that motherer oh it was big kill that, motherer toosorry so hectic to go for Roma transform David will take down Goliath war there'sa lot of David's around there's a a ginge or guy who's pretty big win Georgeman I'm. Here I'm in position your gets a lot of house for the first is where isthat you, don't get respect unless you get for this motherer up he's deadhe's big he's. A big er are you feeding such as I could remember i'msaying i'm allowed the problem yeah as well as a, tiny they are reallysmall that's like a bigger like it's going to get really big so there is awar like crazy all big feed by Chris draw was it right why'd, you give a lot of body away no I80 yeah we get our word I killed him arrives and eager. Being a tiny oneyou're feeling down this little tiny with so many words on the server thatyou, have got any space here on there it's got right down oh my god it down the huge to but someother dudes right, here no um up i'm having some food out. By eight just what just i died i just Tyson going on top just Tyson his name is just timeto beat you may beat me that he bit. My ear off no one asshole oh I'm so bigright now. Our promise night you together of just Tyson NL in the Netherlands and who want i willhave died haha hard to understand the concept of hunger games, all right ya know I cannot go into the branchbecause it's already begun our she's just, begun I mean it you guys continue in yourtribe iono James your egos the match is about to start guys for 10. Seconds andhunger games hunger games versus how last-man-standing the best one win madethe worst worm succeed. Out of strife let the hunger games being survive untilbasically, good enough i got to take you all out your equipment back what the does that mean equipment what do we have it set to get yourequipment back what equipment will not bow on a worker who ya what the, nightshe had nice them people are aggressive in this I can see it I cansee the ones, i've stepped into a protein arena right now this is crazy good jobon the, batteries worm which players have been revealed phase-to-phase toeverybody that ever on the map is also left the dots on the map. Oh my god arise those different phasesthis is top tier player warmest right now you're seeing.

The leaving the bestthe elite were manage our hello Swiss hello how may a question it's already firing food into. Me Iinstantly call in a defensive mode that's nice me I still stings allstate Imight need to have, is why evolution is done to this one here survive not hungergams the guys almost outside without. My down you want me a little bit of him truck number two as well it's notintentionally making a lot of smaller to be more nipples mean there's incredibleplay you. See that and I didn't. Do anything he's feeding you Smith really big makingslow so I are do you want the food yes but i will become I do kind of want togo i am a, glutton I can celebrate so you want to be blue Blues friendlynormally invite other er, got red outline I'll green and already a darkerred errors killed by radar radar out for foreclosure arrow Green yeah I'm. Readbut trouble of your home invasion we should kill the red dots alright fairly always just go with me onthis a fairly short russian girl is on my team is. Exactly the same colors meteam your team don't think there is teams it how you doing their teams.

I dodon't believe I don't believe the hype about being big Louis you knew that youknew that would get into this hunger games kill, him cool is actually right sorry aggressiveyou're still in this write-offs I'm in there I'm not. Before we need to take these people let's get it, let's get this let's go down right now Louisestrapping Lewis he's the red dots are you must know it's not easy what we gotme kind of sacrifice your space your.

Green you're the only green dollars mapyou are a green color you've been assigned green and red what does that would. Do you think thatis a team based in. More detail later on like sighs russian girl is trying to getme you Russian government may be coming after you you little pushingLouis into a corner here I man let's get Delta. Is coiling is coiling guys callingcalling are rushing relative crying edge. I'm kind of rushing gonna drop home andresting guards are roses aging process here i'm. In the middle are converging hecan't go anyways just coiling you can't go anywhere you have to go back in thebar my block a look at the top kill em just slowly make it. Smaller he's trying to escape escape the bomb nobitch you have bottom-right incredible. Place in crushing well it's going topresent it to my were me I try.

Us rushing rollers we talk aboutrushing water together man this was gonna get ahead of it yeah bitches to you guys you gotta feedmy friend and I'm trying I'm trying, I'm on your next bitch must be eating allthat classic rainbow such a rainbow, was very well i gotta kill younow drop the red dot why do I, not how it works how I well how it works you're theonly green guy everyone should. Kill you for the only kind of that teammate thatyou know I'm the only are sorry we need to take out Louis guys there'salso a few gonna, sit down to us three we are the Hunger Games trio are whereas it was trying it he's behind it but it breaks. Throughoutthe boys tried him box him in box mint luster and. Becauseyou can be i see it right away it'll bother you go right truck I'mgoing left always going left hard left wow yeah just like five, minutes just like that guess who's the big boyyeah oh not anymore motherer crosses onthat leaderboard to, tell you guys got describe it because I can't seewhere I'm in I'm we're now slowly meandering to the bomb a little bitboost here and there are now. Carrying away the ers well yeah that's what's done such a rushhome, and I was wrong and using game man we got so many coins or .